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disc prolapse
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disc prolapse

   dear sir,

              my wife has been suffering with neck pain and in the right hand,thereafter MRI scan was done,the report states that,

1.small posteriocentral disc protrusions of c4-5 and c5-6 discs causing mild thecal sac indentation
2.right paracentral disc protrusion of c6-7 disc causing mild thecal sac compression along with compression of right c7 root-extruded disc.

for some period with medication and physiotherapy it was subsided,but since a month pain is more,another thing is that some tinginess or some discomfort is there at the back of the head region.

please let me know what is to be done to get relieve of this problem

thanks and regards,

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Thanks for writing in.
Your wife’s MRI indicates nerve compression in the cervical region due to cervical disc prolapse.
In such cases usually conservative management is sufficient to control the symptoms. The management includes rest, use of a cervical collar, physiotherapy and OTC anti-inflammmatory agents and alternate heat and ice therapy.
It is also important that she maintains a good neck posture while sitting or lying down. While lying down the neck should be properly supported by a pillow.
The tingling and numbness in the lower part of head is due to the cervical disc prolapse and nerve compression.
It is important to know how long back the MRI was done. If it was more than 6 months ago a repeat scan should be done to make sure the condition has not worsened.

Hope this helps!
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