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double vision
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double vision

My 35 year old, healthy daugther, in fact she has been training for a marathon, suddenly started having double vision  on Monday.  She was referred to Bethesda, the same place the President and **** Cheney used to go.  This morning she had a CT scan and she is supposed to have an MRI this afternoon.  They said they also may want to do a spinal tap.  We are worried sick.  What are they looking for/ ruling out?  My mother had a cerebral aneurysm at 69 and my Dad has relapsing/ remitting MS, and has had since the 1960's.  

Any ideas?
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Noprmally there is no reason to have both a CT, which involves radiation, and an MRI.

I suspect the MRI was not available and they deemed it an emergency.

That being said double-vision is a flag for a stroke, which is why they went to general quarters.

It can also be caused by something as simple as vitamin B-12 deficiency.

If the MRI comes out uneventfully, take B-12 with folic acid sublingually and they will undoubtedly prescribe a patch to be worn over one eye. Often this condition will resolve naturally within two or three months.

The only variation on this protocol I would suggest it to vary the eye on which the patch is worn. One day on the right eye. One day on the left.
My husband started having double vision issues in August of 2008. The vision problems then were accentuated with severe light sensitivity.  Up until then he was an active cyclist and quite fit, so I can imagine the frustration your daughter feels. It is the "unfairness" of health concious people having unknown health problems!

My husband has gone through "all" the tests, including several MRI's, chest x-ray, and a Spinal, and to date has had over 70 vials of blood drawn for tests.

One of the first diagnosis was MG but there has been no positive tests for that, although it is still a possibility. They are looking into MS as a possibility also, but again, nothing has been found yet that indicates MS.

So far the only thing is that he tested positive for West Nile Virus.  We had suspected that as a potential problem and it was surprisingly difficult to finally get a blood sample sent off for analysis. Everyone seemed surprised when it came back positive, even though it is documented for our county and state. (You can check out the CDC's maps of the States for reported incidences of West Nile Virus).

After several months of just waiting for his vision to recover, he was given Prednisone and that cleared the light sensitivity and the double vision, however, each time they taper him off, the double vision and light sensitivity return.

Perhaps you should request a test for West Nile Virus.  This certainly is not the time of year mosquitos are active, but a blood test would rule it out.  I wish her and you all the best. Be patient, diagnosis take time; but be persistant too.

As of today, 2-27, they have a preliminary diagnosis of Mysasthenia Gravis for her.  She saw 6 neurologists today, although some were students.  She said she felt like she was on "House".  They drew 14 vials of blood, did a chest x-ray, and did two tests that are sort of indicative of MG.  They both were inconclusive.  They want her to start the drugs, 30 mg every 6 hours for two days, then 60 mg every 6 hours for one day, and then call the chief neurologist back.  She is to keep a journal about how her symptoms improve or don't improve over the 72 hours at the different doses.  They say IF you improve on this drug, that adds to the likelihood that you do have MG.  They say generalized muscle weakness is a symptom but like I said in the first post, she has been training for a marathon.  That doesn't sound like muscle weakness to me, but she does admit she is drooling, her eyelid droops, and the double vision.  

Thanks for your input, and I hope your husband gets some answers.
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