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during spinal tap they hit the nerve and now i have tremendous pain
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during spinal tap they hit the nerve and now i have tremendous pain

  Several weeks back I had a spinal tap with the use of xrays because they had difficullty in obtaining it.  On the 3rd time they got it, but they hit a nerve in the process and my leg jerked strraight out and caused great pain.  I had the worst headache of my llife about 4 days later also.  My Dr. thought this might have been a blood colt that broke loose.  I  had an MRI since because the pain I am still experiencing is tremendous--it brings tears to my eyes at times.  No nerve damage showed on the MRI, but they told me it doesn't always.  I have numbness in my feet and part of my leg, they said I probalby will have the numbness forever.  They said the pain would leave, but it isn't.  Am I permanently going to be in pain??????  I work in a factory and don't think I will be able to return with this pain without some type of treatment.  They want to begin treating me in the pain clinic now, and involve shots into my spine.  I am not very thrilled with this idea and don't want to do it.  What is your advice and do you think I willl always have this pain????
Thanks for your question.  From your description it does appear that
one the nerve roots was injured during the procedure.  Additionally, there
might have been a moderate amount of CSF leak (due to the multiple attempts?)
causing your severe headaches.  Although it is absolutely clear from your
message, I am assuming that the pain that you are currently referring to
is the one in your back which also goes down your leg.  I realize this is
an unsatisfactory answer, but it is very hard to predict when your pain
symptoms will improve or resolve.  Unfortunately, because of the actual
small physical dimensions of the nerve roots inside the spinal canal it
is also difficult to obtain a direct visual evaluation of the lesion
(using the MRI scan).  Given the severity of your symptoms, the input of
a team specialized in pain management would be helpful, but I would not
recommend injections to the spine region, lest making the problem even
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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I ran across ur posting. My 1 month old daughter had 7 spinal taps in a total of two days. Every time they went in they couldn't pull out fluid. Now my daughter is almost 3 months and she acts differently then before the taps. She cries non stop. Its not a hunger cry but a hurt cry. We think maybe they hit one of her nerves. She is seeing a neurologist Thursday but for a different reason but I will definitely bring this up to him. If we pick her up a certain way she screams like crazy. Did u ever get ur problem fixed?
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