excessive blinking in children
by rrs78, Aug 26, 2009
My daughter is 7 and came home from school 2 days ago consistenly blinking with alot of facial movement. Her vision is fine. The blinking is mild in the morning and increases throughout the day being very frequent in the evening. There is NO history of an family neurological disorders or tourrets. This started on the 1st day of 2nd grade. I was thinking maybe is was a reaction to all of the stimulation from starting school. I don't know. My son had a gasping tic when he was 2 and did it when he was trying to speak, but it only lasted a  few months. I have heard of children developing temporary tics like this. How long should I wait to have her seen by a Dr.? Let me add that she is thrilled to be back in school, she's a straight A student and is very happy. She doesn't seem to be stressed out at all.  

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by Dr RajgopalBlank, Aug 26, 2009
Excessive blinking in children is common and usually harmless. It is usually a form of habit tic that increases with fatigue and reduces with distraction or concentration. The eye-blinking tic may last for a few months to a year and may subside by itself without any specific treatment. There could be other conditions or disorders causing excessive blinking. They are- Dry eyes, lens infection, absence seizures, Tardive dyskinesia, Tourette syndrome or brain tumour. Please consult an opthalmologist for the examination , investigations and management.  Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!  

by kellylynnschro, Nov 03, 2009
my six year old son is having the blinkin and also complaining of headaches and sleeping alot...i read that you said it may be a brain email address is ***@****'t know how i got to this page...please email me with a response.
by minniemaesams, Jan 18, 2010
Hi, My daughter is also 7 and has started blinking a lot in the last week. She also has a cold and I didn't know if the two are related, but it also seems worse when tired. Has your daughter stopped the blinking yet? I'm not quite sure what to do, but as with your daughter, her vision does not appear to be a factor.
by rhylee2007, Jan 06, 2012
Hi my son has just turned 3 and has suffered many seizures in the past he is undergoing tests for epilepsy as my 5 year old has been diagonsed and medicated for epilepsy I have noticed over the last 2-3 weeks he is blinkin a lot and it has got me worried then playgroup staff where he attends has noticed it aswell ,could this be linked to his fitts ?? I have booked for eye test next week to see if anything to do with that
by mehulmnp, May 24, 2014
Sir, my son had neurological shock in last December. He was undergone for reduction of intracarnial pressure through operation. He recovered almost fully by the end of march. But from last week or so, his eye blinking has started. It is not frequent but though markable. We talked to eye specialist and his neuro doctor,  but they couldnt find any thing.
Kindly guide us if any thing serious u find. I can send vedio of him.