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feet & Palm becomes loose - bone under feet touches surface while w...
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feet & Palm becomes loose - bone under feet touches surface while walking- pain occurs

Please help me. I am  34 years Male  with healthy body (5 10  ht, 75 kg
wt).At present I take few medicine ie NubetaSM(5 mg) for BP , Polybion czs
for vitamis. Actually I was feeling very fatigue 2 months back and my
doctor checked up for B12 deficiency. The report shows <<150 . I was
treated with 7 days consecutive injection of 2m Trire..(Hydrocobalamin)
followed by 4 injection 1 each in week. After 1 month of treatement my
fatigue was almost disappeared but the new problem is started that is My
feet gets very loosed/lost energy and stickiness appears under feet and
palm due to which when I walk the bone under feet get touched the ground
and it pains me.Same kind of symptoms happended sometimes in palm due to
which If i hold something my bone touches that thing due to which I feel
pain and at that time my palm gets sticky ( eg. if I join two fingers they
will stick with each other for 4-5 secs.)

Pl. reply I am very much worried about same. I have got all blood reports
pertaining to Diabities ( Blood sugar), Thyroid , CBC , Lipid Profiles
which is NORMAL.

Pl. let me know whether this is realted to neuropathy and if yes what that
can be. Should I consult neurophysician.
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How are you?
B12 toxicity is not known to occur even at a very dose, so your symptoms do not seem to be due to B12 overdose. I would still suggest you to get your B12 levels checked.
Also I would suggest you to consult a neurophysician as these are very unusual symptoms and need clinical evaluation.
Do keep us posted!
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Thanks a lot for yr. prompt reply. Actually when I got my B12 level checked just few days back . It was 1200 which was normal as per my doctor ( MD - Medicine). He told me that now I have to take only one tablet of polybion czs per day. And every month for initial six months I need to take intramuscular injection 1 ml for B12.

I have consulted my friend who is well known Orthopedic surgeon  ( MS) but even he told me nothing to worry. He said  nothing seems  related to neuropathy but still my problem is not solved .

Do you think this symptoms are related to neuropath or there is something in blood which is either increased or decreased due to which the problem is occuring. Please suggest me few test related to this which may help us in finding actual cause of it.
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