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fingers, hands, wrists, feet, knees, muscles
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fingers, hands, wrists, feet, knees, muscles

in may 2007, i started to experience unrelenting aching in the joints of my fingers, hands, wrists [these being the worse], elbows, shoulders [2nd worse], neck [close 2nd], knees, ankles & toes as well as burning in these areas [both sides of my body equally].   no OTC meds work, i can't sleep and when i finally lay down because i can't function anymore [mental alertness shot] i just pass out/fall into a deep sleep, but when i wake up, here comes the pain again.  i can't take Aleve/Naproxen, but i have taken as many as 4 ibuprofen in the past; no sense in taking them if they don't work.  i use a heating pad, hot showers directly on the areas affected, electric blanket.
recently i have noticed that my grip, as while using something that requires strength, is slipping away.  i also have noticed after exerting myself in what i consider to be normal for me, i get very weak to the point of feeling like i am going to pass out at that very moment before i can get somewhere safe to catch my breath, so to speak.  when i am this tired, i am sure, from lack of sleep, i lay down with chills, cold feet,  with a thermometer in my mouth and as i suspected i register 99.something for  a temp, never above 100.5.  i am not sick just know that something is going on.
i almost fit into but not quite rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.
i have read many sites trying to figure this out for myself.  i can't work because i am in so much pain. i seem to fit almost all of them, but there's always one missing component that is important for inclusion for each particular diagnosis.  
i would be happy to answer any questions so that i can narrow this down.  i would rather treat myself homeopathically...doctors always want to test, retest and retest...and i don't have money for all that.  don't get me wrong doctors are great when they can nail the diagnosis within a few visits, but when i go to a doctor and he tells me "it's all in your head" or "i can't find anything" or "it must be a virus"  or "lets run some more tests" i don't have 65.00 a visit for him to tell me this ****, not even counting the lousy labs down here who can't even run the simplest of tests or get patients results mixed up.
i just want some info to arm myself with, so that when i do part with 65.00 that i can at least guide the dr into the general direction of my diagnosis.

*i am 57 WF post menopausal just one year to the date when all this started.
*no one on my side or my dad's side ever had anything like this, that i know of.
*could it be a parasite, a tapeworm [you have no idea, if i thought i could get myself under a microscope i would]
*joints always popping and cracking, and pain still there
*once when i rested i had the fan on me, it was very hot...i had to aim it away after a few minutes, strange as it sounds, the air going across my lower body, legs and feet in particular were very sensitive to the point of feeling like they were burning, to the air flow
*my skin is sensitive, not to touch; it's always burning.
*in may 2007, i cut myself while handling a piece of old tin roofing/building material, so i was thinking "rust poisoning" or "tetanus" but ruled the latter out...a small cut on my shin which healed in a timely manner... and i have had many cuts since then, none festered or took a long time to heal.
no shots recently, 2 hep B shots in 1997 for nursing program i was in
no sickness, no colds, flu

that's it for now, thanks for listening, i just can't take this pain anymore...i am in the Orlando area, if you know of a good, smart, alert, knowledgeable doctor who's on the ball, just let me know...thanks
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i forgot to mention that about 1-1/2 wks ago, i had two instances of double vision [overlapping].  i thought my eyes going, went in and washed them with eyewash, cleaned my glasses, and it was still there.  it went away in about an hour, but it still scared me.  don't know if it's relevant.
the other thing is that i have been spiking kinda high on the BP scale, 167/110 and thought that might be related to double vision.
currently i am only on thyroid meds. 88mcg once a day, same dose for 13 years.
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There are a few ailments which you can treat for yorself,but unfortunately in your case you have to consult a specialist before you could arrive at a diagnosis.Please consult a Neurologist,your symptoms are indicative of a neuro problem.
Rule out Diabetes.Consult an Orthopaedician too.There is no option than to consult an specialist.And an Neuro-opthalmologist will check for neuro involvement with your double vision.
If you smoke ,quit smoking immediately ,it could aggrevate your illness.
Good luck
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Hi there i know this post is old but if your still suffering maybe a lyme test or canidida test and thyroid panel ft3 ft4 and antibodies also tsh
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