functional weakness
by DANNY444, Aug 15, 2007
Hi I was wondering if anyone could help....
My girlfriend was rushed into hospital several months ago with loss of use down her right side,slurred speech, confusion and body jerking. She had a CT and MRI scan which showed clear and the doctors sent her home four days later with the diagnosis of Functional Disorder??

Since then there has been a vast improvement but she still is suffering on a daily basis with all of the above but not so severe and not lasting as long. We have had no or very little after care, she was due to see a neurologist but the refferal was sent back to the doctors as they are swamped with patients and can't take on anymore and we are no stuck for any help to make her better.

Please can anyone help with what we should do next??
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by rebecca1176, Aug 16, 2007

My suggestion is find a good naturopath :)  They are not cuckoo or weird!
I was fortunate enough to find one that could see me the day I called her & we correspond DAILY!

I have been having problems for 6 months now with no help from drs (neurologists, psychiatrists, etc)
Naturopath's see things sooo different and can find cheaper alternative treatments.

My neurological problems are now under control with the change of my diet!

Good luck
by suwal, Aug 31, 2007
I have just been diagnosed with Functional Weakness.  I suffer from left sided weakness,loss of speech and numbness.  Functional weakness is not caused by damage or disease of the nervous system, but symptoms are caused by a dysfunction of the nervous system as part of one illness.  Functional weakness is a complex phenomenon.  It arises for different reasons in different people.  This is a list of symptoms that can be experienced:  Numbness or tingling, fatigue, arm or leg pain,back or neck pain,headache,poor concentration,sleep disturbance, word finding difficulty, slurred speech, blurred vision, a floaty distant feeling, episodes that look like epilepsy but are not, frustration, low mood, anger, lack of enjoyment, worry, panic  A number of different situations in which functional weakness arises could be after an injury/with pain, an illness with a lot of fatigue or bed rest, waking up from anaesthetic.  I was diagnosed by a neurologist and I have taken the above information from a leaflet that I was given by the neurologist.   A good way of thinking about the symptoms is that you didnt bring it on but you can help yurself to get better.  If you were a computer, its a bit like having a software problem rather that a hardware problem.  If you would like a copy of the leaflet I can send it to you as it covers the diagnosis in more detail.
by patsy10, Aug 31, 2007
I just don't buy the "functional disorder" thing at all.  In my opinion, it's a nice way of saying "it's all in your head".  They usually call it somatiform disorder.  Typical response when the tests are normal.  I would make another appt. with another neurologist.  Something is wrong!  She needs a full work-up for things like MS which includes more than just an MRI of the brain.
by DANNY444, Sep 03, 2007
Hi & Thankyou all for your help and comments!!!! :-)
I have appointment to see another neurologist as I don't believe in the Functional (it's ALL in your head) Disorder. Hopefully this guy will be able to help and not just give me a label which all patients so easily get given when the docs don't have a clue what's wrong.
So I'll let you know how I get on and thanks again for your help!!
by patsy10, Sep 03, 2007
Good luck to you both.
by DANNY444, Sep 14, 2007
Thank you for you advice and for really making me think twice about going to see another neurologist. I went to see a fantastic Neurologist yesterday & I have now been diagosed with narcolespy and forwarded on for more tests. Even though this diagnosis is quite scary, my family and I now have answers and can start coping with this ilness. Thank you thank you thank you!! :-)
by patsy10, Sep 15, 2007
I knew something was wrong.  I'm confused, is it you or your girlfriend as listed in your first post?
by DANNY444, Sep 19, 2007
Hi. Sorry my boyfriend put on the first post and I've been posting ever since. ;-) Hope you are OK.
by Rasin, Dec 31, 2007
I had my first siezure and shut down at ages 16.Years later at aged approx 40, I diagnosed as having epilepsy even though all tests came back negative.I had a major shut down just 18 months ago and all tests once again were negative. Thanks to a Neurologist I was given the answer to how I felt and all the symptoms  had experienced all those years ago and still have..I am aged 58 and now have a name to how I feel.Functional weakness is real but you can live with it.At last I know what I have.