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hand tremor
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hand tremor

During a stay at a hotel, a 3/4" plywood valance fell and hit top of my head. Two months later, I still have neck pain, headaches, migraines, dizziness when standing after bending over. Of biggest concern is tremor in right hand appearing within first 48 hours. The meds were very strong so I am not sure exactly when first appeared. CT scan shows normal brain. One neurologist said I always had tremor due to high arches in my feet. There are no symptoms of CMT. Any suggestions before I try another doctor?
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Thanks for using the forum. I am happy to address your questions, and my answer will be based on the information you provided here. Please make sure you recognize that this forum is for educational purposes only, and it does not substitute for a formal office visit with a doctor.

Without the ability to examine and obtain a history, I can not tell you what the exact cause of the symptoms is. However I will try to provide you with some useful information.

Regarding your tremor: there are several types of tremors. Some of the tremors occur more at rest (e.g., Parkinson’s disease), or when you are maintaining a posture, or when you are trying to grab an object or touch something. A common tremor is called an essential tremor. This type of tremor is genetic. It is usually worse with maintaining a posture. Treatment options include beta blockers such as propranolol or primidone which is an anti-seizure medication. Another tremor may be a physiological tremor which is exacerbated by stress and treated by reducing caffeine intake and stress.

Is the tremor intermittent or constant? Since you have had an injury to your head, you may need to be evaluated for seizure activity. Seizures post head trauma may occur up to 5% of patients with closed head injuries. The risk of developing seizures post injury is related to the severity of the head injury. Severe head injury is defined as loss of consciousness or amnesia.

I would suggest you follow up with your neurologist to discuss your symptoms.

Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
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