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has not goin to a doctor for head injuries messed me up forever???
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has not goin to a doctor for head injuries messed me up forever???

Hi. I'm a 15 year old high school athlete who plays volleyball, basketball, and softball. unfortunately those things tend to cause injuries and my parents dont like to take me to the doctor cuz of money reasons.

well recently during my basketball season i got sort of headbutted by another girl durin a game (on the left side of my forehead and it left a bump and a not too norticeable yellowish bruise) and then hit again by the basketball being thrown like a baseball a few minutes later. i didnt get knocked out or throw up after these things but i did start to get really horrible headaches and my memory suffered and concentration and everything was just thrown off. well here i am 4 months later and i still get really bad headaches often and my comprehension skills are horrible. i went to a doctor but he thought it was a fractured skull and thts it but the tests came back negative and tht was it. he didnt do anythin else for us.

previous unchecked head injuries: hit by metal bat full swing by sister, diving board, fell off a coach onto a hard wood floor, dove for a ball in softball and hit my head on the ground, and multiple basketball blows to the head.

if anyone can tell me...
a) if theres something i can do or someone i can see to help me?
b) wats happening to my head?
c) if i should keep playin softball after all this? (its wat season im in right now)

thank you all in advance =)

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Hi,  Seems like you have post concussion syndrome.  There are lots of people suffer after a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury.  I had a mild TBI and been disabled for about 11 months now with PCS.  
Seems like you had several concussions and there are lot of things you can do to help yourself.  
First of all you need to take rest and let the brain heal.  Get an appointment with Neuro-Psychologist who can do a complete evaluation and diagnose properly.
Headaches are most common after concussions and other symptoms.  There are other alternative therapies but it will cost money bcuz is not covered by insurance mostly.  Neurofeedback, acupuncture, chiropractic etc.,
Since you are young and brain is still growing you have best chance to recover if only you take of your self and not cause further damage.  I even wish I lost my leg or foot than go through this PCS.  
So take care and good luck.
Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

After head injury or impact such kind of symptoms like vertigo, headache and other symptoms may be common due to extent of damaged part of brain and may remain symptomatic or progress in future. Although any sure success cure can not be assured in such cases, but symptomatic relief or it may decrease with period of time, physiotherapy, avoiding any triggering factors and life style modification help you in certain extent. Please arrange an appointment with a neurologist who will evaluate the further prognosis here and can provide you an appropriate treatment. Hope this helps.

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