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headache stops when laying down only
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headache stops when laying down only

  I have been experiencing a constant headache for over 4 weeks.  I am a 38 year old female and have had migraines for over 16 years,but I seem to be out growing them as I only get about 2 per year now.  I am in very good health.  However, this is a different type of headache.  The pain radiates from the bottom of my skull up the back of my head, over the top and stops under my eye sockets. I have severe muscle tension in my neck and upper shoulders because of it. It is very severe sitting down, at times more tolerable standing and goes away completely when I lay down.  I have been seeing a chiropracter to no avail.  I am now seeing a Medical Dr.  He gave me a shot of a pain killer that did not work.  I have been put on prednisone for ten days and 5mg of Diazepam each night.  I am three days into the prednisone but still have no relief unless I lay down. I can not imagine what this could be.  It feels like a spinal headache, which I have had before, 12 years ago with the birth of my first children via a C-section and spinal anesthetic.  What could be causing this type of headache and why is the pain only relieved when I lay down.  Your help in this matter is appreciated.  S. Kelly
I an very impressed by the fact that this pain disappears so dramatically
when you lie dowm, if this is an absolutely definite and dramatic relief immediately
on lying down it is suggestive of a low spinal fliud pressure type headache.
This is precisely the same sort of headache which results after a spinal tap or
epidural, as you have pointed out yourself.
The headache results because the brain lacks the support given by the
cushion of spinal fluid and "sags" pulling on pain sensitive structures
which cause this typical headache.
The best cure for this headache is good hydration and caffeine.
You have no obvious reason for this to happen but spontaneous CSF leaks
have been reported, it this continues I would approach your doctor again,
because the consistency of your story is very impressive,
In the meantime try a high fliud intake ideally with caffeine.

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