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high protein in CSF, Babinski reflex, Myoclonus and positive ANA,...MS,...
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high protein in CSF, Babinski reflex, Myoclonus and positive ANA,...MS, ALS or SLE ?

         I am an 38 yr old male and for the past 2 yrs I have been out of work due to constant head aches and migraines, fatigue, dizzy, constant pain, ringing ears ( very loud ), sensative to sound causes myoclonic episodes, eye pain, blurred vision when hot, eye floaters. Extremely sensitive to heat, when hot have glazed vision and dry eyes, very short rapid breathing and muscle jerking and sweating ( it looks like i am having a seizure ).Everytime I eat and I am chewing solid foods my tounge, roof of mouth and throat get very tight, cramping and painful making it very hard to eat and swallow anything but soft food that does not take much chewing. All of my fingertips are almost completely without sensation causing it hard to hold objects. Painful cramping in back of neck, visible muscle spams in right hand and arm, R/H index finger keeps jumping up. I always wear sunglasses inside or out due to light makes my eyes and head hurt 4x worse, I also have a severe gait problem i drag both my feet and right foot is twitsted out to the right at about a 45 degree angle. I have to use a cain and still have problems with balance and falling, If i get in any moving object ( car, plane, train, etc. ) i get instant motion sickness and severe head and eye pain. I have myoclonic seizures and my right arm tremmors, i also have muscle pain and stiff muscles. One day my right arm and shoulder locked into a certain position for about ten minutes and could not move it at all and last week while sitting in a chair i became paralyzed completely for about 25 to 30 seconds and started moving in slow motion then was back to normal.

I have had every test done at two different hospitols refered by my neurologist and have no definate answers to what is the cause, I've had 4 lumbar test that show my protein is at 114, 6 MRI's and the last one they thought i might of had a stroke, the MRI's on my spine show most of my dics to be degenerative and signs of mild to moderate spinal canal stenosis and mild to moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis, and i also came back possitive for autoimmune and ANA at 1:320 in nucleolar pattern,  babinski reflex on both feet, Creatinine 1.4 and high macrophage.I have had multiple eeg, emg, ct, blood, urine and all the eye test you could immagine but these are the only definate findings from all my test. If you have any thoughts i would be very happy to hear them.

Thank You for your time, Chris Collins
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How are you?
The presence of babinski’s reflex is indicative of MND disease like ALS. MND is a very progressive disease and results in very speedy worsening of symptoms.
However presence of protein in CSF indicates MS. was there positive finding on MRI of brain?
Positive ANA raises the suspicion of autoimmune disease like SLE. Some of your symptoms can also be due to degenerative changes in the spinal cord.
Please consult an experienced neurologist as it is very difficult to pin point the exact diagnosis without clinical examination.

I have had a positive ana 1:680 - 1:1280 for 5 years. Many MRI's with no lesions, Trigeminal Neuralgia with constant undulating pain throughout my head, with a loud whooshing ( similar to high bloodpressure, although I do not have high bloodpressure), crackling inside my brain, I smell strong chemicals at times (my sugar is normal) extreme sensitivity to heat, sound, motion, cold, stress. I have been on 2400mg trileptal for over a year (have tried over the past two and a half years neurontin, dilantin, tegretol, lyrica also amitrytaline,nortryptaline and cymbalta) and no longer find that to hold back the pain. I now am on prednisone as well as the trileptal and at 40mg this seems to hold the pain and whooshing sound back for most of the day, provided I am not exposed for too long to any of my known stimuli. Any suggestions?
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