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jaw pain/burning tongue
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jaw pain/burning tongue

Below is a summary of my situation. So far nothing has helped. If anyone is familiar with this type of symptom and what could be done, I'd appreciate it. I have been suffering increasingly for about 2 years and recently have stopped working..

- mri of head unremarkable
- ct scan of head unremarkable

- currently using a hard plastic splint
- says bottom teeth are too far back; recommends braces and surgery to repair bite; currently in too much pain to undertake any kind of jaw surgery

- diagnosis of glossopharyngeal neuralgia; currently using medication - have tried tegretol, trileptal, amitryptiline without much success

- has suggested vascular decompression of glossopharyngeal nerve at the base of the skull

symptoms right side:
- painful sensation of pinching in ear when talking (seems to be triggered when closing mouth) that becomes progressively worse until it becomes debilitating
- very unpleasant burning/tingling sensation from the ear to base of tongue and along bottom/side of tongue triggered by sitting, using computer, lifting weights (seems to be tension in neck that triggers it)
- some ache

symptoms left side:
- some ache in the jaw when talking (very minor compared to right side)

- have tried gentle cranial massage, chiro, acupuncture without success
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Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

Yes! This may be Trigeminal neuralgia as you have typical one sided facial pain extending to temple and eye( ophthalmic branch of trigeminal nerve may be involved) and sore gums of the teeth of same side (maxillary branch of 5th nerve). Trigeminal neuralgia may have a triggering factor like recent history of tooth extraction, touch, cold breeze or hot sensation etc. which you need to evaluate and avoid. Drug of choice for trigeminal neuralgia is carbamazepine but as the dose may vary according to severity therefore I would advice an oral medicine specialist consultation or at least a physician to confirm this diagnosis and get you treated accordingly. Take care.
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