left sided facial/eye/mouth pain
by shallet, Jan 24, 2009
Every couple months, I get left sided facial pain.  My eye hurts, my mouth hurts (gums usually get swollen and I can't even chew food on that side), and the skin on that side hurts to even touch it--even my scalp.  It's like you could cut my head/face directly down the middle and the left side hurts extremely bad and the right side feels fine.  A few times, I've gone to the dentist (mainly because that's where it starts about 50% of the time) because my gums were so swollen.  They've even become purple sometimes.  Anyway, he says it's a virus and gives me a prescription for valtrex.  It's been happening so often (every 2 months or so) that he's given me refills on the valtrex because we've found out if I start taking it as soon as I know this is coming on, it stops the pain before it gets too bad.  Usually it takes 1-2 days before the pain gets excruciating and now at least the pain doesn't get out of control.  But, I've noticed that it is happening more often (used to be every 4-6 months and for the past year it's been happening every 2 months) and the valtrex doesn't stop it as well anymore.  I have gone to a "quick care" when the pain was more in my eye and cheek and they had no ideas for me.  Do you have any suggestions on what this is and what I should do?  Thank you!
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by ggreg, Jan 25, 2009
I personally think you should go to a different dentist, have them do X-rays of your teeth, and ask the dentist if you've got a tooth that needs to come out or a cavity or gum disease.

As for your eye being the source of the problem, obviously you should go an opthalmologist, they specialize in the eyeball and problems associated with the eye itself, could be your glaucoma readings are off, or any number of eye disorders.

And you can also visit an ENT or ear-nose-throat doc, because you might have a terrible earache that needs treatment, or you might have a sinus problem that he can look for, which can also cause a lot of pain.

Hope this directs you the right way.  I don't think it's a neurological problem, but if all those other docs come up empty, a neurologist would be your next step, he can do a scan of your head and see if there's a swelling or blockage or nerve problem going on.
by shallet, Jan 25, 2009
I go get my teeth cleaned 2 times a year, brush my teeth every day etc.  I also have fairly bad eyesight and go to my eye dr at least twice a year.  I know the root of the problem is not my teeth or eyes.  If I take the medication my dentist and family dr prescribed soon enough, it usually doesn't get to the "excruciating" point.  It's ALWAYS on the left side of my face.  My gums only get swollen on the left side also.  I rarely have earaches with it unless I don't catch it soon enough.  Sometimes I don't realize this is what's wrong as I wear contacts and sometimes it starts with just my eye  hurting and I think it's something in my eye, or my contact or something.  Other times, it starts with swollen gums and I think maybe I have a popcorn hull or something stuck up there and by the time I realize it is this condition, if I don't have that medication on hand, It gets to a pretty bad point before it stops.   Such as, yesterday it started again.  I thought I had something in my eye/contact.  I didn't realize it was this starting again until I touched my nose.  Just the left side of my nose hurt!  And it's the skin that hurts-pretty soon just touching my left cheek or brushing my hair on the left side of my face hurts.  
by Naomi24, Feb 24, 2009
I have the same thing, I think.  But with me, it's sometimes on the left side, and sometimes the right.  I get the swollen gums and pain in my scalp on the same side.  My eye on that side will hurt just a little.  I went to a doctor years ago complaining of an ear ache and he couldn't tell me anything, so I've given up on doctors, but it's happening more often for me, too, and I'm getting tired of it.  If anyone can figure out what this is, I sure would like to know.
by zimmies, Nov 10, 2010
Do either of u dealing with this have heartburn or GURD? Have u had your lymphatic system checked out?
by dianedsb, Aug 24, 2012
I know this post was done a few years ago, but I want to know if anyone has got a diagnosis for the problem that shallet mentions.  I have this same problem but on the right side.  First my gums start to hurt, then headaches, then my eye starts to hurt, my ear and even touching my head hurts.  Like shallet I get this every few months and so far antibiotics help but it comes back a few months later.  This is the third time this is happening to me.  Any help or thoughts?
by PS1969, Sep 18, 2012
I have the exact thing on the left side of my face, the facial pain started today, but I've had a sore roof of my mouth for a few days.  I have had bells palsy twice before, but don't remember it hurting, so I don't think it's that.  It does feel like a nerve thing, but would really like to know what it is.  I do have a doctor appointment on Friday, I made it two weeks ago for a prescription renewal, so I may have to ask about this too.
by betto09, Sep 19, 2012
Let me know what you find out.  I suffer from exactly the same thing.
by Lathnos, Oct 28, 2012
I also have this. This is my second bout of this and thought it was herpes simplex 1 coming on because I have had recurring sores in my left nostril. These last two bouts do not cause any sores. I just have constant pain on the left side of the roof of my mouth and intermittent pain on left side of face, left eye, left ear. I asked my doctor
to prescribe a med for it and he prescribed  acyclovir. So far no improvement. I have no swelling. This is such a strange thing. I would love to know what it is. It began last Tuesday afternoon and began medication Wednesday morn.
by AmrS, Nov 18, 2012
When this thing happens, is it during a time of stress?