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leg pain with urinating
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leg pain with urinating

for the past week, I have been experiencing pain going down my right leg when urinating. what could this be??

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Avatar dr f tn

How old are you?
Are you male or female?
How do you describe the pain? shooting,burning,cramping,sharp?
Does the pain continue long after urination?
Does this occur each time you urinate?
Is this associated with pain?
Any change in the urine's character? Brownish like tea?
Any low back pain?
Trauma to the groin or back?
Any sexually related problems?
Are you diabetic or hypertensive?
Any family history of cancer, diabetes or hypertension?
Do you smoke? if yes for how long?

The character ,location and timing of the pain is necessary to give us an idea of the cause. Problems concerning the urinary tract like kidney stones, stones in the ureters ( tubes where the urine flows),bladder stones and infections may cause referred pain to nearby structures.Nerve related causes such as nerve compression  may cause a burning shooting pain and may be associated with tingling sensation or numbness.

Seek consult with an internist,urologist or neurologist for a more thorough assessment.

Keep me posted.
Avatar n tn
Thanks for getting back to me!

I am a 34 year old female, was recently rear ended (6 weeks ago) which did cause some low back pain which wont subside. the pain is dull and is across my lower lumbar area. and just a couple of weeks ago I developed a sharp shooting pain down my right leg while urinating. if i stopped the stream the pain would stop. it only happens about 1-2 times a day. urine appears normal. there is no sexually related problems, I do not have a history of diabetes or HTN. there is however a family history of cancer (breast, lung associated with smoking) and hypertension. I am a nonsmoker.
I am concerned with maybe having a herniated disc or a tumor in my spine. It didn't cross my mind  to think of a kidney stone. I will contact my pcp tomorrow. thanks for your help.
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