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loss of blood flow to extremities????
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loss of blood flow to extremities????

What does this mean? My husband and I drove 2 1/2 hours to a wedding, when i got to the motel and took off my shoes, my left
big toe  was pure yellow, the re was no blood flow in my toe,
and I could not feel anything. My toe felt cold and dead!!!
I put my toe in warm water and moved it and rubbed it to get the circulation to come back. I could actually see the blood going back into my toe. It too me  a long while to get this done!!!

Now, its my left finger!! I was doing housework yesterday,
i reached up to  touch my face and my finger felt COLD!  I looked at it and it was yellow, all the blood flood gone... the exact same as my toe..  this time the  feeling and glood flow came back , but my fingertip is still cold, and feels funny????

This is Not the sensation  I have when your hands of feet fall alseep,  I dont even know it happening!!  It just does.

I cant think of a thing, I had 2 back surgeries in 97,  and I smoke.  I am retraining in a new job in computers and sit alot.

something!!!! is cutting off my circulation to my extremities.
I think?

Please , would appreciate advice.



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Dear TM:

Sorry to hear about your possible circulation problems.  Without more history and a good neurological exam I can't tell you for sure what is going on.  I would suggest a good general examination and some general blood work looking a possible autoimmune problem or collagen vascular problem.  There are several diseases that can cause episodic restricted circulation to an extremities.  One of the disorders is Raynaud syndrome, but there are many others that can cause this type of problem.  Once some of the labs are back a better direction may be evident. There may be other explanations but the exam with the history will give the physician a better direction to narrow down the choices.  I am sorry that I'm not much help.  I hope the etiology of your problem can be found and relieved.


CCF Neuro MD
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