muscle twitching in head
by donna80, Jun 14, 2007
I havebeen experiencing the odd muscle twitching in the sides of my head... it fel weird sometimes theres pain sometimes theres now..

i had an mri 2 weeks ago to rule out anything serious as i get headaches..

has anyone experienced this? do you know what this might be?

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by donna80, Jun 14, 2007
my temples are twitching constantly... and my face sometimes the odd twitch... doctor doesnt seem concerned.. (mri 2 weeks ago clear)
by ahoskrn, Jun 14, 2007
I have had some kind of neurological "event" that started in January that included all over numbness, buzzing, tingling, burning, and twitching. All MRI's, EMG, NCV, labs..negative. I am on Lyrica for nerve pain and now Cymbalta for nerve pain and depression/anxiety from all this mess. I was twitching a lot , all over, and one thing I added to my regiem is that I started taking 250mg magnesium and 1200mg calcium a day. It did seem to help alot with the twitching after about  a week or two. I still twitch, but only a few a day. I have "tingles" and "vibrating" sensations on my face and back of the head so I can relate to the 'ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY" feeling.  No health issues prior and neuro is stumped calling it a "one time" possibly viral attack on my CNS. Time is the only thing he tells me may help, so in the meantime we are working on medications so that I can function and not go crazy. I am an RN and never took anything stronger than a benadryl prior to this, so I am telling you honestly, the cymbalta is helping! I feel much less stressed about all this and I have actually started laughing and enjoying some of my days again, so if your neuro cannot find a cause, and it does not get worse, try to find some supplements or medications that can treat the symptoms.

P.S. I gave up caffiene and seemed to make everything worse when I had those.

Hope you feel better,
by Capital H, Jun 16, 2007
I get muscle twitching in my head, in fact just about everywhere else but my face has been the focus recently with my tongue which has been twitching non stop for over three months now.

When no serious disease can be found for it, it is called benign fasciculation syndrome
by archaeo, Mar 26, 2008
Have you ever been tested for Lyme Disease?  I have had similar symptoms and found out they were caused by lyme disease.  I was bit by a deer tick and never even knew!  Lymes can cause all sorts of symptoms that mimick other diseases.  It is easily curable too, if caught in its earlier stages. Just a thought...