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mysteries illness baffles doctors
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mysteries illness baffles doctors

14 days ago Rachel  age 19 years old was admitted to a  hospital. She was perfectly healthy 19 year old and was driving in the car with her mom when her heart stopped. she went into cardiac arrest for NO apparent reason. She has been in a a semi coma state for 14 days she cannot talk or communicate. Doctors are baffled as to what is wrong with her. To date these are the tests and her heart is ok. Her neurologist states on the eeg her brain activity is normal;  


Blood gases Normal

Mildly elevatedwhiteblood count

Anemia Now Resolved

Platelet Count Midly Elevated

Multiple Chest X-Ray Initially pulminairy edema, Nw improving

Complete Metabolic Panel Multiple Normal

Head CT Normal

Head/Neck MRI normal brain mild sinus infection

Echocardiagram Normal anatomy and function

EKG Normal axis forms and intervals

Thyroid normal

B-12Level normal

ESR mildly elevated

CRP markedly elevated, improving

immunoglobulin levels normal lgM, mildly decreased lgG

Clotting studies mildly prolonged, improving

Lead level Normal

Blood Cultures- multiple Negtive

Urine Cultures Multiple, negative

Urinalysis(blood, protein,glucose, etc..) normal

CSF Spinal Fluid Studies:

Cell Count, protein,glucose normal

Bacterial Culture-Negative

Enterovirus PCR-Negative

Herpes Simplex virus-negative

West Nile Virus Antibodies-negative

Arbovirus panel-negative

Bartonella serum antibodies-negative

West nile virus serum antibodies-negative

Respiratory viral panel PCR-negative (includes influenza A,B,RSV,Parainfluenza,Enterovirus/Rhinovirus,Metapneumovirus,Adenovirus)

Gonorrhea,Chlamydia PCR-negative

Stool Culture-Negative

Tylenol, Asprin,Alcohol levels negative

Routine drug screen- negative

Comprehensive drug screen-negative

MDPV("bath salts") level-negative

this is what is back so far and they are still stumped.
Please Please any medical professional help us find whats wrong with Rachel.


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620923 tn?1452919248

   Did they do a CSF flow study?...and I know there was a MRI of the brain, but a closer look at the brain stem to see if there is compression.

Good luck  I pray u find answers soon : )

1268057 tn?1462734870
Are these her initial labs/tests or current?

Any vascular studies done?  

No cardiac problem found per Cardiologist?  
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