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nerve pain everywhere
hi i have a question i know you cant give me a diagnosis but would like to be pointed in the right direction.  ok 26 yr old female
recent sciatica x-ray result: slight scoliosis. (left leg)
now arm nerve pain from elbow to armpit with some numbness in fingers (left arm)
while running i feel the sciatica in both hips and cannot run anymore
i also have had weakness in both hands and its hard to hold pencils etc.. but have had that all my life and only happens occasionally.
and within the last yr i have had problems with the bottom of my right foot i occasionally have a pain that feels like im getting pricked by a needle while walking on my heel and i have to tip toe.
and now im getting heart palpatations and pvc's that last for days but i had a normal echo.
and last but not least is my ear pain i get in cold waether ar when in cold water even if im not submerged im the only person i know that needs earmuffs in 55 degree weather.   so my question to you is could these all be related to some underlying problem and are there any tests i should suggest to my dr as i have an app in like a month?   Thank you so much for any help you may have.
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