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numb area on lip
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numb area on lip

  For the past month or so I've noticed a small area on the left side of my upper lip that seems to have a numb sensation. I notice it only when I eat and my tongue comes in contact with the area, especially when I'm eating something hot or cold. When I feel around my lip, pinching or poking the area, though, I don't get the numb feeling. For the past year, I've also had muscle twitching in various muscles around my body and some shakiness in mostly my left hand. I just had an EMG done which was normal. Could the two be related? Should I be concerned? Thank you for any insight. Amanda
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I doubt if the two symptoms are related, the numbness in the lip area is
in the distribution of a sensory nerve the trigeminal nerve, this is a
symptom which should be checked out to ensure that a branch of the
trigeminal nerve is nor being pinches as it exits from the skull.
This might require an MRI scan of the head .
The muscle twitching is related to muscles and motor nerves and is
unlikely to have any sinister significance espacially in the presence of a
normal EMG which outrules the nmore serious causes of muscle twitching.
I see no link between the two symptoms but if the lip numbness does not
clear up I would suggest that you have it checked out by a neurologist.

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