numbness in left leg (upper thigh between hip and knee)
by frank612, Jul 05, 2010
Anybody else experience this ? Have developed a constant tingling, numbness, sharp stabbing pain in the upper left leg. Have tried many different stretching exercises.
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by Dr. A. SrivastavaBlank, Jul 05, 2010
Hi, Thank you for your question. There are variety of reasons that cause numbness in leg. Medical conditions like herniated disc, diabetes, neurological disorder, lack of blood supply due to block or circulatory disorder, raynaud's phenomenon etc. can cause numbness at one leg. Please consult a neurologist for a physical examination in order to diagnose the condition and for appropriate treatment. Hope this helps.
by treker58, Feb 21, 2011
I broke my right femur about 13 weeks ago and suffered hyperthemia
also my left leg is numb from the hip to the knee and I still can't lay on
my right side I had a rod also put in recovery has been ok I walk around
my home with no crutches and limp alittle I also think my leg is shorter
now is that possible and how long will the numbness last in my left leg