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pain in wrists, shoulders, neck
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pain in wrists, shoulders, neck

Hi, i hope everybody doing good.
the reason i come to this site is because i got no clue for my pain. Its been almost 8 months that the pain started from my left wrist and the pain goes toward my left sholder and after that it got my neck. i'm 64 years old and i worked for long time  and after i got laid off from work this happen to me. i could feel little pain couple years ago in my shoulder, but it wasnot that bad. Now the pain is in my both wrists and in my both shoulders and in my neck. i can't even turn my neck to left. i went to doctor, carpractor, espesialist, they did city scan, bone scan, MRI from neck and shoulders and the final ansewr they give me is that they dont know why i have too much pain, they told me it doesnot need surgery and i shouldnot have this much pain. (witch i have and i cant even take it anymore, its KILLING me. i cant go out, and do anything. i have all the reports from the MRI and bone scan and city scan, and i will type them so if a doctor in this site can please help me and guide me, because i'm losing my hope and my life.

MRI from neck:

At C2-C3, C3-C4 and C4-C5 there is no disc space abnormality.
At C5-C6 there is mild uncovertebral joint OA on the left with mild neuroformainal narrowing. The right neuroforamina as well maintained.
At C6-C7 there is moderate uncovertebral joint OA on the left with moderate neural foraminal stenosis.
Uncovertebral joint OA on the left at C5-C6 and C6-C7 causing neuroforminal stenosis on this side.

MRI from left shoulder:
There is some motion, causing image degradation. Mild signal changes in the supradpinatus tendon, however this could be secondary to artifact and no definite focal tear is identified.

MRI From right shoulder:
High grade tendinosis of supraspinatus.

X ray both writs:
nonspecific cystic changes along the lunate bones and left ulna. is there associated ulnar pain to suggest ulnar abutment syndrome? However, no ulnar positive variance is evident. Carpal cyst could also be seen with repetitve trauma/vibration injury.

as you can see all these pain together they killing me and i went to Chiropractor for 20 times and i got so much worser.
At this time i just take some pain killer whitch they dont really work anymore for me and they really damaging my stomik and i lost my hope. please if there is any doctor that can help me and tell me what should i do, where to go for help and how can i cure this pain!

Thank you
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Ulnar abutment syndrome is a possibility in your case but because no ulnar variance is present on X ray it cannot be confirmed.
Ulnar cyst is very much a possibility because it is seen on X ray. Ulnar cyst can cause entrapment of the ulnar nerve resulting in nerve compression and consequently wrist pain.
Also do some gentle neck exercises every day and make sure to have good posture while sitting and lying down.
I would suggest you to consult an experienced orthopedician in your area.
Hope this helps!
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