post concussive vs tension
by kenstr123, Mar 11, 2008
i am trying to figure out which headaches i have or do i have both so I would like to know the difference between the causes/symptoms/etc of the post concussive vs tension headaches?
i have been diagnosed with both from different doctors. the headaches began to occur after i was hit in the back of the head with an object and they have fluctuated according to stress, light, sound, concentration, among other things.
thank you
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by Abhijeet Deshmukh, MDBlank, Mar 11, 2008

Tension headaches are renamed as Tension-type headaches. They typically come with a tight band like sensation around the head. There is redness of eyes as well. There is a feeling of constant pressure on the head. Several factors are identified to be associated with these headaches. Some of them are huger, stress, sleep deprivation and constant eye strain, such as that occurs after prolonged computer work.

Tension type headaches may be chronic or episodic. They can be present almost 15 days per month. Chronic tension type headaches can last for as long as six months.

If you suspect headaches as post concussion syndrome, you will most probably have some more symptoms of the post concussion syndrome. The headaches of PSC may also last long, usually longer than tension type headaches. There are reports of patients having the headaches for over two years. Stress is not so much of a problem as far as the headaches of PCS are concerned.

Which category do you feel you fit in?

by kenstr123, Mar 12, 2008

First, i was wondering which is more likely to be a result of a hit to the back of the head post concussive headaches or tension headaches. i my brief medical research post concussive headaches result from a blow to the bak of the head and i found no evidence supporting a blow to the head causing tension headaches.
A occupational health doctor states tension headaches whereas an ER doctor and neurologist state post concussive headaches.
i suffer from dull to sharp pain from quick burst to lasting minutes to hours. i sometimes have to rest after an attack to relieve the pain. i also get ringing in my ears, dizziness, problems concentrating & remembering things. Also, it gets worse when i think about or i am under stress and i can only concentrate for  a few hours until i the pain gets worse causing dizziness disrupting  performance.

I have had these problems since June 2007. they have fluctuated, but not gone away. i was briefly treated by the ER in late July 2007, but have not been treated since.

i would ask is there anyway that this could be permanent since i cannot receive treatment or if this could get worse since i am not receiving treatment. i have had 1 CT scan and prescription for 12 days back in late July early August.
by Abhijeet Deshmukh, MDBlank, Mar 12, 2008

Both these types of headaches are not permanent usually. The average period of recovery from tension type headaches is 7 years. Keep in mind, some can recover as  soon as 20 days. (article in

Post concussion headaches may last a few months to more than 3 years. But some have been known to have it for nearly 5 years without much exacerbations and / or remissions.