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pressure in ears
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pressure in ears

what can cause pressure in the ears? No history of any illness- totally fit- eat healthy,
all of a sudden one day a sharp ping felt at base of skull and a bone crushing high pitch
tone that created severe pain in the head. After leaving a section of the house it went away.
Is it possible frequencies can be generated from electronic equipment to cause this?
Military/electronic weapons? Never had any problems- went to doctor everything checked
out fine but experiencing severe headaches- feels like head is going to explode from fullness
cannot pop ears. They fill up and thump every once in a while.  I get this swirling feeling
in the temple areas and sometimes at the front of my forehead. Seem to get very tired upon
entering my home. Occasionally there is numbness or tingling in fingers and feet- wierd back
pains that feel like electrical pops or crawling sensations and itching as though a rash persist.
I do not want this to affect my work. I went to school for a long time. I just want to
live a decent pain free life and work for a living. The doctor says I'm perfect and perscribed
Zyrtec and some other allergy med. Thinks its sinuses, but I don't really have sinus issues.
Once in a while I sneeze from lawn work. I work with the public (teacher). It's hard to deal
with this. Both of my pets lost their hearing at a young age and my younger sister now has
to wear hearing aids- is there something that can cause this- EMF,etc. I worked in electronics
a long time ago, there are alot of "video/cable and phone repair people"  frequenting my area. I wonder
if wireless or satelite can cause any side effects.  One of my neighbors moved because he said
nothing could be done about buzzing coming from a line near their house. I just want to make this
stop, it's affecting my life.

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Pressure in the ears are most commonly caused by blockage of the eustachian tube which is a drain connecting the middle ear to the nasal cavity.  Problems with the nasal passage such as that of inflammation, allergies, or infections can cause blockage and therefore increase pressure within the middle ear.

Infections of the middle ear, also called otitis media, can cause pain and pressure sensation, and would need to be treated with a course of antibiotics.

Not commonly, buzzing and ear pressure symptoms can be the initial manifestation of acoustic schwanoma or other tumors arising in that area.  This can be ruled out through imaging studies of the brain such as CT scan or MRI.
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