right thigh pain,burnig, numbness
by kg221, Nov 17, 2006

   I've benn having burning, numbness, itching, and at time severe pain in my right thigh.  The pain is like a red hot needle going into my leg disabeling me.  Upon checking reference sites, the symptoms are consistant with RSD, but of course my doctor yelled at me and said it is not RSD.  I had an MRI done to my spine, and there is evidence of a small bulge which impinges upon the anterior aspect of the thecal sac.  Could this be causing my symptoms?  If so how is that proved?  Also there are three small disc herniations in the thoracic section of my back and I have yet to receive the Cervical diagonsis report.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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by Jenny Wren, Nov 17, 2006
Hi there, I have burning in both of my thighs, at night my left leg goes numb from the knee up, and the hot burning needle pain that you talk about, I have this also, on both inside thighs from knee to groin, its painful.  I have not had a lumbar MRI yet, but pretty sure there is something going on there.  Mine all started about 4 years ago when I fell on my tailbone in a hole in my yard.  Went to the chiro, the next day I started with this burning, its been gone for 4 years, now its back.  Hopefully my doc will order a MRI for me. I was also having migraines, cervical MRI stated bulging disk at C-3, C-4.  One doc says this isn't the cause of my neck pain and headaches, the other says it is.  Everyone is different.  Hope you find out whats going on.  I am curious, does yours get worse with stretching and sitting?  Thanks
by Jenny Wren, Nov 17, 2006
Where is the lumbar bulging disk?
by kg221, Nov 18, 2006
The lumbar bulge is at L3-L4
by Jenny Wren, Nov 18, 2006
Kevin, L-3, to sex organs, bladder, knee, prostate, large intestines  L-4, To prostate gland, muscles of the lower back, and sciatic nerve.  I'm thinking that the thigh pain could possibly be the sciatic nerve.  Mine flairs up on the left side since the epidural and delivery of my son.  They knicked this nerve in my back when they gave me the epidural.  Sometimes they say that bulging disks don't cause any symptoms, but from my understanding it the inflammation around it that causes the muscle pain/spasms.  Hope you feel better!!!!!
by kitlyn, Nov 18, 2006
My sister has had bulging discs for the past 4 yrs after birth of her second baby,,and she just underwent back surgery to repair  two herniated discs, and a cyst on back that happened from a fall. She has suffered so much. But is gradually feeling little better. She had numbness etc , from her back . Hope you all feel better. Kit
by Stella25, Dec 05, 2006
I had a hysterectomy nine months ago.  I had an epidural .  After the operation I complained about numness in upper left thigh.  The surgeon said that it would go in time. Nine
months later I still have the numbness but my upper thigh is also sore and I suffer burning pain especially when I walk
and take exercise.  The doctor sid to take painkillers and it will go in time.  Can anybody tell me whether they have suffered like me.  Will the numbness, soreness and burning pain ever go? Is there any treatment for this?
by idesofmarch, Dec 27, 2006
I would see a neuorsurgeon about your problem. I don't know if it has anything to do with what the Dr. did during your operation but I wouldn't concentrate on that. See the right Dr. ASAP
by banka, May 23, 2008
both my legs from the knees to my hips go completely numb along with a burning / tingling feeling at night while I lay down to sleep, or I wake up this way, It's scary. Also after sitting or kneeling down, or when I get out of bed in the morning my feet hurt so bad I can't walk, it's like walking on bruises. And the then to rub salt in my wounds it's hard to start to urinate and I have a weak stream. All this has been going on for over six months. I've seen a uroligist and had a few test done, all negitive, no prostate problems. I've seen my primary care and had blood work, no diseases. Just high Cholesterol, I'm only 40. I finally had a lumbar MRI and my doctor told me It showed A herniated disk at L5 S1 and told to see a neuro sergeon. I hope it's the problem. Can anyone shed any light on these symptoms?
by BobbiJoe, Jun 04, 2008
I had my thymus gland removed in Jan. 2004. On the second day I was in the hospital I realized I could not feel my left upper thigh. Since then I still have continous burning sticking numbness type pain. I have been referred to a neurologist and I still have the same complaint. All day today (6-3-08) I have been experiencing alot of pain in the thugh area now my ankle hurts alot. What is happening to me?