sudden loss of leg control
by Schmoops, Oct 22, 2008
A couple months ago, (mid August 08) I experienced a sudden feeling of fatigue & felt like I could not continue my daily walk. I questioned even making it home. The next day I had difficulty typing my name & my speech seemed out of sync. I had a CAT scan which showed a possible aneurysm but after an MRI with contrast & an MRA, it showed no evidence of such only a fetal origin left posterior cerebral artery.

October 9, 2008 I experienced severe pain in the left buttock, down the left leg, behind the left knee, & in the left calf. I had difficulty walking & it woke me at night. Doctor prescribe a muscle relaxant but to no avail. The pain worsened & within four days I received a steroid pack, Vicodin, & a shot of termidol (?) for pain. Well, that helped make the pain manageable & a MRI was done & indicated L1/2 mild posterior disc bulge & mild facet/ligamentum flavum hypertrophy; at L2/3 posterior disc bulge & facet/ligamentum flavum hypertrophy with a mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing; at L3/4 a posterior disc bulge and facet/ligamentum flavum hypertrophy with mild effacement of the thecal sac without significant central canal stenosis. There is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing; at L4/5 there is a circumferential disk bulge & there appears to be a central/left paracentral disc herniation. with facet/ligament flavum hypertrophy. There is mild bilateral neural foraminal stenosis; at L5/S1 there is a borad-based low-profile central disc herniation & facet/lumen to flavumhypertrophy. There is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. A lesion was seen within the right sided pedicle & posterior vertebral body of L4. This lesion is moderately hyperintense on T1 & T2 weighted imaging with prominent trabecula suggesting hemangioma. Now.....I was scheduled for a lumbar epidural steroid injection after this report & a meeting with a pain management doctor but the next day while walking slowly, my entire left leg collapsed & I fell hard. I postponed the nerve block because this recent development coupled with my other symptoms doesn't seem to go with disc herniation/sciatica. Your thoughts? Am I overreacting? Is a neurologist my next step? Right now my pain is minimal but the muscle weakness, twitching of muscles, weakness & numbness of my left foot still persist. Any thoughts.....
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by DrNoopurMD, Oct 23, 2008

Thanks for writing in.
I think it would be advisable to get an epidural steroid injection since it will help mitigate your symptoms to a large extent. Meanwhile please schedule an appointment with a neurologist and get a complete neurological exam done as it is important to rule out stroke and other neurological lesion.
I would also suggest you to take complete bed rest do not exert yourself and apply ice packs to your back.
Take care!