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temporary memory loss, blacking out involuntarily.
i'm not sure what this is, so i wasn't postive what topic to put there :p

sometimes i'll blank out in a conversation and i won't comprehend anything anyone is saying. it's not zoning out as if i'm bored.  i won't come out of it until the person touches me or they say my name like, 3 times. sometimes i can remember what was going on, sometimes i can't. most of the time i'll just fall into a 'black hole' where NOTHING is going on where i can't think, speak, or do anything; if i try, my reactions are slow and i don't make any sense. other times it'll be a flashback.

any of this sound familiar to anyone? temporal lobe seizures, but my EEG and MRI was canceled at the last minute because my insurance was cut off. but now that i have insurance, i'm gonna get this checked out.

any kind of ideas will be greatly appreciated. thank you :)
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