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tingling that comes and goes HELP!!!
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tingling that comes and goes HELP!!!

okay.. so ill start with my symptoms which are almost always Episodic
form time to time i get
-shortness of Breath
-Tingling in the face
-tingling in the hands (almost always the left arm)
-Heart arrythmia, Skipped beats and Postural skipped beats when standing up
-Light headedness
-Wide spread Fasiculations
-Carpal Pedal spasms in both hands (first my left arm goes completely numb followed by spasms and then shortly after the right arm goes)

i have been to the hospital 11 times in the past 2 months because ill be sitting home alone and my symptoms get so bad that i dont know what to do so i drive my self down the street to the ER... every damn time they Discharge me they tell me its Anxiety/Palpitations

i seen a cardiologist for the past 2 months they did an Echo, multiple EKGs  Holter Monitor, Event Monitor, Tilt table, and Blood pressure tests, The event monitor and Holter monitor picked up all of my Episodes of Arrythmia but my Dr told me that it wasnt anything serious and didnt even put me on a beta blocker

i've been evaluated by a Neurologist who was very reassuring and gave me an EMG,MRI (brain and spine),CT scan Nerve conduction test, and basically every other type of Reflex test all came Back normal, he told me possibly BFS or Anxiety and i was referred to a Neurologist

most of the time my symptoms arent very severe at all, i get Skipped heartbeats, slight facial tingling on both sides,  
maybe some tingling in the pinky and ring finger and the tingling shoots up my arm when i bend it..  

when it gets really bad i have Tachycardia, Skipped beats, Shortness of breath, Full body Tingling (Both sides of face Both arms , Both legs, and Carpal Pedal Spasms and it feels like my Thigh muscles are being squeezed) which is when i usually drive my self to the hospital but now i've pretty much given up because they literally dont do **** but monitor me and send me home after about 3 hours

ive had all of my Blood work Done that they normally do in an Emergency Bloodwork with the Addition of 1 lymes disease test, and they also testing me for Hypocalcemia and Hypercalcemia

i still have yet to go to a Psychiatrist to get tested for "Anxiety" But i usually feel completely calm the only time i ever feel anxious is when i get my Episodes....... any imput would be great

im at a loss here because i've literally had Almost eveyrthing testing and it came back normal  
the only thing really i havnt had yet was a Lumbar puncture/Spinal Tap because my Neurologist said he didnt think they would find anything because my Symptoms are Episodic and not constant...   they literally won't Give me a Spinal tap even if i go to the Hospital and ask them... i guess after i go to the psychiatrist and watever ANti Anxiety she puts me on doesnt work then maybe my Neurologist will order a spinal tap....  im so mad at the hospital and all my doctors for not taking me serious literally every single one has told me anxiety and i never feel anxious unless im having symptoms..  

thanks for reading any Input would help greatly..
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also my Damn Family THinks im Crazy and making up my symptoms because no doctors have found anything so when i tell my Family members im having an Episode and freaking out they Just Poopoo it and tell me to take a Xanax and lay down...  i literally feel like im Stuck in a Bad dream..
Would be great to hear some input
Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. possible causes that may need to be considered include causes related to cardiovascular/ respiratory system, stress/ anxiety, micronutrient deficiencies, hormonal/ endocrine issues, a few auto-immune conditions, medication side effect etc. Unfortunately without a definite diagnosis at hand it is difficult to suggest a management plan. I would suggest getting this evaluated by an internist initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought.  
Hope this is helpful.  
Take care!  
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