tingly, prickly feeling all over
by Beth79, Nov 04, 2007
My problem started about a month ago when I noticed pins and needles/tingly feeling in bottom of feet.  During that week it spread to my legs, along w/ pains in my legs, and to my arms, hands, face, and head.  I am new to this town so I didn't have a GP, so I went to the ER and they ran CBC and urine test...they tested for everything they could.   Also did heart monitor, EKG, pulsox, etc.  Everything came back 100% normal.  So, I went to see a GP finally and she ordered MRI of head, Cspine and Tspine w/ and w/out contrast...absolutely nothing abnormal on any of the tests.  That is good, except now in the places that used to tingle a little now feel sorta prickly...and now I also feel a hot or burning sensation in places on my arms, hands and sometimes legs and face.  People are passing me off as anxiety or hormones, but I just don't know about that - I'm 28 y/o female.  Anyone have any ideas??
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by leta, Nov 17, 2007
I have had this for 2 years. Been through all of the tests 100%. My last resort naturapathy.
Seems to be helping. The doctor said he could fix it. I have had to detoxify and then started some remedies. I have been on antidepressants for a long time. I have had to change my lifestyle and diet because he says my body is out of balance. Even though your liver checks out fine it is having trouble detoxifying all the gunk in your body. The body now has found somewhere else to release the toxins and that is the nerve endings and skin. He says it shouldn't cause any damage but will take a while to change, because it has taken a long time to get to that point. Your thinking has to change with the remedies and you will have some fall backs but in time it should get better.
Hope this helps, please respond.
by slickaroo, Nov 19, 2007
I am 55 and i have the same things goin on ..i have been on paxil for 4 yrs ...maybe its the meds i have been on for so long having a EMG in 2 day ...i am scared dont know whats wrong with me
by slickaroo, Nov 19, 2007
I see you told Beth you had the same things going on tingling in the feet needle feeling in feet arms wrist hand and sometime face i have been on paxil for 4 yrs for hot flases u think it could be from my meds going to for a EMG in 2 day ...i scared of what they will find ..I have panic attacts all the time over this ...please help ....Judy
by N54, Jul 20, 2008
Hi my body has suffered from feeling hot for a couple of years which use to lead to sweating that was very very unconfortable on lts own, but ever since november 2007 I have had prickly heat all over my body which is very painfall when it happens and it happens all the time because im always feeling hot, but ever since last week the 14th july 2008 i stil have the problem but also have a another problem which is that my body feels prickly all the time every second but its painless, im not even feeling hot or sweating but is continuous every second, in a few hours it smells really bad as if I have sweated so much when I havnt, but the funny thing is i havnt even sweated or felt hot. Can anyone please help me as I dont really no whats wrong with me as this is very new and I dont really even no what to go and tell the docter apart from the prickly heat, I feel like im not in any control of my body anymore and has affected my life so badly.

Any Help as to what might be wrong with me.

Many thanks

by sailaway, Jul 20, 2008
Beth, I'm 27yrs old and too get pins and needle feelings throughout my body. I got an MRI done and it revealed that I either have a low-grade tumor or the beginning of MS. My specialist is at MassGeneral in Boston, so I know I'm in the best hands. However he told me that this ball of anxiety in my brain is not causing any of my physical symptoms. So as I'm sure you have tried to do, I'm trying to get right w/myself. Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I know it sounds aggrevating, but I'm hoping this works for, to see a therapist. If your open to the idea, or if you already have, alleiving some of your anxiety may help you. I send my best to you, and confident you will be fine...
by tiger0087, Sep 28, 2008
I am 21 yr old female and I have been sufferin from tingly/prickly skin mainly on my buttocks and backs of legs but sometimes on my face and hands. Sometimes my hands go completely numb. I was also told it's anxiety but I have also suffered from other symptoms of anxiety so they are probably right. I am sure what you have is related to anxiety. This can be caused by lack of vitamin B, I have recently started taking centrum and since then my anxiety symptoms have rapidly reduced. Unfortunately my Nan died of MS and I think this has affected me so much that my mind is mimmicking the symptoms of it, although I have never been tested for it so maybe I should.
by jason80, Sep 28, 2008
Sorry to hear your troubles. I have similar situation with no clear diagnosis. I was intrigued that they ran MRI lower than your head. I figured that if I had tingling, etc., in the face and head (which I do), that it must be brain-related.  I happen to have old injury in my neck (around shoulder blades) and am now wondering if I should have MRI there, if a lesion or something could lead to tingling, etc., in the face/head.  

Anyway, did hyour Dr. recommend T and Cspine MRI after you had symptoms in your head? Thanks, Jason
by tomcat47, Dec 30, 2008
Im a 47 years old male,,,I take a simvastin/and spirriva/and analipril for over 3 years,,last year I started getting this horrible prickly feeling and itching all over my body esp,,when I get hot or nervouse fast,,then it goes away?????
by wishfull55, Mar 16, 2009
Im a 54 yr old Male, This started a few months back and has progressively gotten worse as the weather is warming up. I've noticed when Im in stressful situtions it's really the worst. Even when I'm around the stove cooking I can hardly stand it. A prickely feeling mostly in the face and upper body. What the heck is going on ?. I've lost my job and med Ins and can't afford to go to Doctor! Any HELP OUT THERE