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twiching lasting for 1 and half years
hi,I'm 19 years old male and from sri lanka.my english is not so good ..i currently don't have any medication.
1-I feel(can see skin going up & down) twiching in hands,thigh,calf,chest,shoulders..sommetimes even eye lids.it last for a small time and freqency is high at night.
2-i've trembling fingers(both hands) which i can notice when i have a paper on my hand or a mirror.
3- sometimes i feel numbness in legs,hands when they were pressed against something.but it's not that bad like twiching.
4- also somtimes(cold days usually) i feel cold in my feet at night.it is unusual as my perents doesn't feel that much.
5- not long before 2,3 days, i started to feel pain(pain never came before) ,more like a needle pressed against skin.it happened in thighs,hands.its also not bad like twiching.
6- i have memory loss like where i kept something.
7- sometimes when i'm thinking about something suddenly i forget what i was thinking about and then i've to think about what i was thinking.
8-coldness increases symptoms
9-i easily get scared and anxiety..

now the history.i can only think of three ways this got started.
1- first started trembling fingers and cold feet, palpitation  about 1.5 years ago.at that time i was supposed to ready for a exam at my college and i wasn't ready and there were huge pressure from a one particuler teacher.that stress and fear(i still hate him)was there about for two weeks.cold feet was way too much at that time.also i remember sweating in feet(lower legs).then i get over from that issue.but the symptoms never get away,as i told it get worst.
2-about 4 years ago i drank lot of tea even now i drink about 4,5.i've tryied to stop it.in fact i'm still.
3-about 4,5 years ago because of some kind of weight lifting, pain occurred in my back.actually it is more likely "teres major muscle" region(i took it from a website).even now it comes sometimes. may be because i'm not sitting properly.

i went to family doctor immediately after the exam and he gave me neurobium for 2 weeks i guess and wanted a blood test and the blood test was OK and he said it is probably because of some fear i had.(i didn't tell him about the exam)he recommended some speciallist but i didn't go as i thought this will be over soon.also i'm afraid he might point out some kind of a brain problem.

Btw i study physics maths at college,i doing fairly good.i'm very scared and i don't know....
So if you can help me i'm very thankfull. Btw i went  to a doctor and have to do some tests tomorrow.God bless you.
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