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very distressed
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very distressed

For the last six months my health has deteriorated rapidly.  One day at the end of October, I was walking home when my vision seemed to lose peripheral quality, all I saw was leaves and dizzyness brought me down to my knees resulting in a panic attack.  I have a history of PTSD which of course contributes to my distress.  I'm awaiting an appointment for an urgent CT scan due to headaches on waking and other symptoms.  My GP is also querying Addisons disease which I have read a little about but other than that I am pretty naive.  My symptoms consist of headaches, head pains, pains in joints, tenderness on scalp, stinging pain under nails (usually when asleep - it wakes me up), weakness in legs and arms, mild face pain, twitching of toes and fingers, dizzyness - drop to ground before i faint. I also have diagnoses of hypermobility  syndrome, mild PAD, Asthma, hypothyroidism.  I would be so grateful if someone would get back to me because I am so anxious and have convinced myself I am going to die. Also can a CT scan be done without the contrast and what can they give me to keep me calm if the Diazepam I already take is not adequate.
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can someone reply pleaseeeee
have u had any updates ?G day im jonathon woods im 19 and atm  im in abit of troubel looking for  a hand
i recently  got cheated on by my  ex gf wich hurt me so i decided to eat healthy   workout each day etc  and ended up devolping this pain under my ribcage! in the lower left abdominals
my  dr said no to hernia and ceptic ulcer BUT  the other drs  as well said no but the bulge seems odd  
after abit of time i ended up dislocating my shoulder  then ended up at this dirty hospital where they injected morphne and madaslim into me  then shoving my arm back in...
came home had tea watched sienfield finished up some writing then  went to bed
3 am noticed last 2 fingers on both hands were numb  5 am  i woke up again with the whole room spinning and this numb patch on my scalp
after 3 days i had a tumble in my  kitchen with this confused feeling like when u lose alot of blood
i ended up seeing my  dr about it and he str8 away said  panic attack stress att ack and trauma   :/
he wouldnt let me do tests except blood wich showed i had some low vitimens and englarged blood cels
so here i am now on zoloft  feeling  like som1 kicked me in the side of the head :(
im curious have u had any conditions like this ? im freaking out ause he thinks im mad
btw sorry if this is messy im writing it on my phone
how r u going  as well ?
Hey Jonathan,

So what is the bulge did you get a diagnosis or what?? they just sait it looks odd??

Our symtoms (symptoms) are indicative of anxiety. I dont think that you have something wrong.
Except that bulge but if the doctor did not alert you i dont see no reason to stress.
So get a diagnosis see what is it and you can be calm and stop monitoring everything you feel.
And talk to your doctor about starting counseling and speak with him about withdrawing from Zoloft.  
dont worry  
after 3 months of pain and stupid drs  not letting me  go for  xrays... drugging me up  ... wasting  over a thousand  $  
it turned out to be my c1  ... scollious  of the spine causing the stomach pain .... and my arm wasnt even  stuck in properly
so yeh now its been a while ... i managed to  ween off the   meds  wich took a while
i feel normal again ... bettter then back when i use to come on here
anywho  i still feel abit scared coming on here ... its so awful seeing these msgs i use to type  to every1
but thank u to all ur help and surport  .. i hope ur issues resolve too
if it wasnt for u guys id prob be very lonely through all of this
im not gonna come back on here anymore  too  so good bye  and thank u once again for all ur help
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