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weak legs
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weak legs

  What's wrong with my legs? Maybe a common cause for progressirely weakening
  thighs, chronic lower back pain & urinary urgency? I'm 57. 1st problem  
  started ~10 yrs ago, other 2 & morning stiffness started ~15 years ago.
  Losing mobility. Now hard to get off chair or toilet. Can't walk as far.
  Stooping more when walking. Also some days use hands to lift legs into car.
  Lower back pain when standing or now when walking at moderate speed. Rarely
  severe. More frequent now. Relieved when sitting, lying with knees flexed,
  or moving slowly. Mainly in sacroiliac area, usually right, sometimes left or
  bilateral. Xrays show mild osteoarthritis of lumbar and cervical spine.
  Urinary urgency not dependent on full bladder. Void completely and with force.
  Can contract pelvic floor muscles strongly but only briefly--can't hold long in
  spite of daily Kegels, so sometimes leak. Problem seems worse when I'm also  
  experiencing either very weak legs or greater than usual lower back pain.
  I avoid possible irritants such as caffeine.
  Lower back pain relieved with chiro or physio treatments & certain exercise.
  However, 4 months in intensive rehab program had no effect on lower body
  strength, back pain or urinary urgency. I did gain considerable upper body
  strength--& pounds! Now with lack of exercise I'm becoming quite obese.
  History includes childhood lower back/leg/knee/foot pain, weak & proonated ankles,
  bursitis & chondromalacia in knees. Symptom-free and moderately active ~20 yrs.
  Fell on ice & compressed sacrum twice (ages 18 & ~50). All reflexes consistently
  good. (I warn doctors to stay clear!)
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Dear Patsy,
Based on the elements included in your message, I would recommend that you see a neurologist (if you didn't see one already of course). Your symptoms of leg weakness/tightness and urinary urgency, with preservation of your reflexes and no benefit from PT, could be due to a problem within your central nervous system, most likely within your spinal cord (for example a compression of your spinal cord by a herniated disk). The most appropriate test to rule out a lesion of the spinal cord would be an MRI of your cervical and thoracic spine. Of course, I can't examine you and look for signs consistent with this hypothesis; you can discuss the appropriateness of a neurology referral or an MRI with your doctor. Thank you for your question. I hope this answer helps.

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