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weakness, muscle and bone aches, dizzyness and brainfog
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weakness, muscle and bone aches, dizzyness and brainfog

for the past 8 months im feeling very ill,

my body feels weak, bones ache, i have got white dots on my nails, ive had inflamation (inflammation) of my eyes for months too as part of this illness, which was treated with steroid drops and fixed just have eye floaters now, i have been tested for diabetes,thyroid, parathyroid, kidneys,adrenals all fine, what i did find out that i have had an abnormal liver result that i have had for many years i only found out recently, the hepatolgist wasnt concerned and said just to lose weight and have a good diet, these results had been abnormal for years and i have had ultrasounds before showing normal liver but this year it shows as fatty (must be the uptake of alcohol causing this,ceased the use of alcohol now). i have got high cholestrol which was 6.8 and now is 6.2 as im eating healthier and trying to exercise when my body alows me to (when my pains are lesser)

i had a car accident 2 years ago and i couldnt walk for weeks after lower back wasnt able to balance and upper mid and right pains, the pains had always been there but had gradually gotten better, i have been to physio (2 weeks before going ill and weak) where they have manipulated my back popping it a few times in sessions.

my problem started 8 months ago, i had one sided headaches, then the next day i began to feel very weak arms and legs, mainly on the right side, the headaches disappeared but the weaknes had gotten worse and with it i was hit with dizzyness and brainfog, also panic attacks. i felt as if im high on drugs, my legs feel weak,

i used to weight train and i cant get the muscles to become stronger again, they become very weak and tired when i use them especially my biceps. i dont have panic attacks my eyes are fine just have the odd floaters, the weaknes is more in my right side and legs, my right arm feels heavy and gets tired quiker then my left. my bones ache, when i do anything like walking or running they feel like they are going to break, especially my lower spine area.

one of my tests shown abnormal bone profile
and positive for Antimitochondrial Antibodies,
iga anti-ttg was fine (not sure what this was for)
also i had elivated creatinine kinase levels
also have be diagnosed with gastritis, deodenum ulcer, slow working galbladder too
i believe all the gastro intestinal symptoms have gone.

i have a family history of strokes, my grandad, grandma, my father and my sister including my brother all suffer from joint and bone pains, dad and sisters fingers are slightly deformed, not sure what condtion they have, but maybe the above findings are related to a family genetic disorder for some type of autoimmune disease?
or could i have some kind of spinal, disc damage?
can it be due to my high cholestrol somthing like corotid artery?

i do have the power in my arms but they get tired easily just like the rest of my body

can anyone give me some advice what to check for or what it could be possibly?

thank you

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Hi, I have already sent you a message from another question you had. I know you have been checked for diabetes but have you been checked for low blood sugar or insulin resistance (also called metabolic syndrome). Here is a web site that you should look at and see if this sounds like your condition. From what I have read you have many of the symptoms listed. My sister and I have both been diagnosed with this condition. You mentioned that your liver enzymes are elevated some times. This happens to my sister as well and she was told by our Endocrinologist that insulin resistance can cause this. We both lost our gall bladder a few years back (from unknown causes) and haven't been the same since. We also suffer from pain throughout our bodies. You need to be thoroughly checked for this condition and any autoimmune conditions. If you are over weight, eat a lot of processed foods, carbohydrates and simple sugars this could be the condition you have. Researchers also believe that insulin resistance could be hereditary.
Here is the web site:
Hope you find an answer
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sorry i didn't reply previously, yeah i have had a history of a very bad high sugar diet, alot of junk food, i was overweight, i lost the weight now, also bloods shown my cholesterol was high i'm working on reducing it, also got fatty liver this time round,  i thought it could be hypoglycemia but i don't think it is after a few checks also neg for diabetes, how can i test for insulin resistance?

so the treatment or part of it is a low carbohydrate, weight loss, exercise, no starchy vegs,sugars, fatty, junk foods, make sure reduce cholesterol.

any advice on how to reverse or what kind of diet i can choose from

my gallbladder is very slow in working,i get burning feet at night, i read on that site is part of the symptoms, also got eye floaters, i find i do have sensitivity to sugar i do notice it, also get bloated around the body when i eat sugars, feel better when i don't eat it, so yeah, i have been overweight, but not obese, with a very high sugar diet with less exercise in my life. So it can also raise the liver enzymes too, i tell you somthing odd i find, when i exercise and have a good diet wel i figured this out recently, my liver enzymes go down almost to normal, so you could actually be right.

thanks, it does make alot of sense what you have highlighted.

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