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what is the best treatment for Disc dehydration and Diffuse disc?
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what is the best treatment for Disc dehydration and Diffuse disc?

MRI Report
Lumber Spine
> Disc dehydration is seen at the level L4-L5 and L5-S1
> Diffuse disc bugle at L5-S1 level with left far lateral extra.
> Foraminal component causing  radicular compression.

End report.

Do you think operation is the best option or not. If not then what is the best option to cure this pain.
I would appreciate if you reply me back as soon as possible.

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Treatment of disc dehydration may not include surgery. Symptoms can be managed with Exercise and Physical Therapy, Pain Medications, Taking steroid injections. However, if the disc protrusion or disc bulge does not improve with physiotherapy, surgery may be required. Please discuss the treatment options with a neurologist. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!  

Hi doctor...
well i dont know how to start this... i arrive at india 3 weeks... i have been feeling constantly THING that i cant describe as a pain, of sensation, or numbness... something constantly annoying that drive me crazy for 9 months and a half now...
i m desparete to find a way to have better life... i m hyper guy, cant live like this as 80 years old man... i m model.. work with my image...
i m based in mumbai... i have l5 s1 dehydration of disc.. and last night ut my bolth arms up and band back and i few litle shock and i start feel the same feeling on another place..
i few like killing myself coz of this feeling..
i would like to ask if i could come to meet u or see u some where..
i been in 7 diferent doctor around the globe and no one help me out...
I m extremely health, eat raw food and vegetable... alot of water with wheat grass, trying everything to get my peace back but i see i m loosing this battle...
i never stretch in my life, i had few problem with my ankle and now my back... was think coz o so many contusions it might change my biomecani and i need to a intensive treatment for readaptation of posture... i m guessing everything i can... just wanna find a way...
so sorry to tell this to u just find help... or i gona hit my head at the wall..
thanks for ur help dr Rajgopal... my phone number is 9820864043 Bruno, i m at mumbai.
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