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Brother in coma for brain injury after tonsils removal operation - pls ...
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Brother in coma for brain injury after tonsils removal operation - pls help

My brother underwent the very common procedure of removing his tonsils sometime in March this year. The surgery went well and he was discharged from the hospital. After recuperating for a week at home, one night at 3.00 am, he woke up bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth. We rushed him to the ER and were informed that his heart stopped in the ICU for 5 minutes before they managed to get it started again.

The doctors were worried about brain damage due to the lack of oxygen when his heart stopped and decided to give him anesthetic to 'rest' his brain. We were told to wait for about 4-5 days as they would need to monitor his progress. During that week, we were told that there was swelling in his brain and he periodically had fever. Weeks went by with slight progress..and he continued to remain in a coma even after being weaned off the drugs and anesthesia.

The doctor diagnosed that he had anoxic/hypoxic brain injury and there was little chance of him ever recovering from the coma. It has been 3 months since he was first rushed into the ER and he has improved slightly from being in an state where he does not react at all to any stimulations or tests to now where he moves his fingers/legs and blinks almost like in response to certain things like the sound of a person clapping.

We have brought him home now and hired caretakers to look after him around the clock..

What I would like to enquire is...are there any treatments that could prove helpful for a patient in his condition? Is there a chance that he would one day regain more brain function and consciousness? Is there anything we can do or try that could prove to give us a glimmer of hope? Everything that has happened in the past few months have been such a shock to us as well as his wife..he also has two young kids who need their father.

Would really appreciate it if anyone could provide me with some guidance..or advice..Thank you
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He will recover bt many things should be done, first I should know what they gave till now.
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