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Pins and needles on face and right arm
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Pins and needles on face and right arm

I have been experiencing the sensation of pins and needles and numbness on both my face (nose, chin) and my right shoulder all the way to my fingers for the last 8 months.  I saw a Neurologist and was sent for an MRI on my C-spine and Brain.    The C-Spine showed that C 5-6 demonstrates a disc protrusion extending into the left neural foramen causing some left sided C6 nerve root compression.    It also stated that there was some mild narrowing of the C 4-5.  
The Brain MRI didn't show anything in relation to my symptoms but did show a Pineal Cyst measuring 6mm x 8mm and no definite evidence of Demyelination.
At my follow up with the Neurologist she told me that both tests didn't show why I am having these symptoms and that the Pineal Cyst is nothing to worry about and I would just need a follow up MRI in a year.  I was told there was nothing I could do about my arm and that she believed that the pins and needles on my face may have to do with Migraines or Benign Neuropathy.   She told me I could try migraine meds to see if it helps.  I was sent for bloodtests but the results aren't available yet.    She then sent me to another Neurologist to have a Nerve Conduction Study, the test came up negative and the Neurologist told me that he believes that it all has to do with the C6 protrusion and that he has seen quite a few patients with my symptoms but there is no literature available to tell what the problem is.(?)
So, 2 different Neurologists later and still no answers for my problem.   From the manipulation of the their testing I am now left with more pain, pins and needles in my arm, shoulder and back than I had before.
I need to know where do I go from here?    
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You are far from ne to give you enough information, but in my opinion , and it is simply my opinion antiepileptic drugs seems to be very efficient in some patients with a silmilar case
This do not mean that you have epilepsy !!
I am only offering you a kind of reassurance because you are not the only one with  this entity :)
The family of drugs woulb be the Carbamazepine family.
I dont know why your dotor would like to repeat teh brain MRI after one ! does she expect any multiple sclerosis with undetected small focus ??
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Thank you for your response, I will ask my Neurologist about the meds you mentioned when I have my follow up.   She did the MRI of the brain because she was infact checking to see if I had MS but there was no evidence of that on the scan, they only saw the pineal cyst.    
I forgot to mention that she did send me for some bloodwork and has yet to go over the results (it was 1 week ago). A friend of mine works for a GP and got the results for me yesterday.  The tests were as follows;

ANA               Positive       Negative
ANA Titre          1:640        Negative
Pattern            Speckled
ENA antibody                    Negative

What does this mean?    She also checked the following tests which all came back in the normal range;

Hematocrit                0.391               0.37-0.47
Albumin                    42.9                 33.0-46.0
Calcium                     2.36                2.15-2.60
Vit B12                      376                 >131
RBC Folate               2084                >372
Anti-dsDNA                   9

She told me that she was screening for Autoimmune Diseases as well as the MS.       I am hoping to see her next week but I am very frustrated as I feel that she will once again tell me there is nothing that can be done and I will be back at square one dealing with this annoying problem that I have.    
If you are able to add any further assistance Id be very grateful. :)

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i will be glad to follow up you, but please notify me about your later visits results. your exams were within normal limits, dont worry.
but MS still for me on the top of the list.
however we still ignore the real cause of MS if exist... anyways dont get radiated from a computer screen too much
best of luck
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RE:MS,   is there any further testing I should do to rule that out as a diagnosis?  My Neuro seemed to have ruled it out after the MRI.   It's a big worry for me as I lost a truly great friend to the disease 2 years ago and he was only 35 at the time, If I do have it I would like to know ASAP as I would hate to lose any precious time with my kids.

I will keep you posted on my follow up.   Thanks again, greatly appreciate the input.
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dear dont worry and dont panic for something inexistant, but if you want to know more about MS there are 3 major types, only one of these types could be somehow quickely progressive:
lets do a review of diagnosis :)
you should do an MRI, or/ and auditory and visual evoked potentials or / and Lumbar puncture which is the easiest (and we look for IgG, monoclonal bands/antibodies, cerebrospinal fluid electrophoresis and cell count with differential).
if all of these will be suggestive of MS we can start a treatment which  can stop the progression of MS, this treatment could consist of one injection every one week.
please do not worry too much because I know one medical student with similar symptoms with auditory involvement and lesions on MRI but she wasnt' treated as her symptoms are not sufficient to diagnose MS.
on a lumbar puncture and cerebrospinal (CSF) study we can also look for herpes or CMV or other popular viruses (they mainly cause flu-like syndromes not more but when they attack the nervous system they can cause such symptoms like strainge feelings in the face or limbs..), they mainly resolve spontaneousely without important sequelae.

take care
live normally and continue building and caring family
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