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Scuba diving with a brain tumor after a craniotomy and Cyberknife treatment
Aloha Doctors,

I am a 27 year old female living on Maui. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Insipitus which lead to a head  MRI and the discovery of a tumor.  In March I had a crainiotomy to
remove a benign tumor from my hypothalamus.  The surgery was unsuccessful due to
the fact the tumor is highly vascularized however a sample was obtained and the tumor was determined to be a Hemangioblastoma. Then in June I underwent Cyber Knife radiation on the bottom half
of the tumor and  most likely will undergo round 2 of treatment in  December. 
I was lucky enough to not have any side effects from  treatment and I’m feeling
great!  Any thoughts on when I can return to  diving?  I’ve got my doctors
stumped and I can’t wait to get  back in the water!
Many thanks,
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no problem you can go diving any time, but just be wise there ;)
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