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mri question
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mri question

hi i have my m r i result but dont know what it means it says slight lumber hyperlordosis.from t9 to t11 there is mild facet hypertrophy.
from L1 to s1,there are mild degenetative changes with dehydration and minimal bulging of the discs and moderate facet joint hypertrophy.
at L1/2,there is minimal posterior degenerative slippage.
at L4/5,there is minimal anterior degenerative slippage and a small right foraminal disc protrusion that together with the facet joint hypertrophy are narrowing the neural foramina with probable entrapment of the right foraminal L4 nerve root .
at L5/S1 ,ther is minimal anterior degenerative slippage and a cental disc protrusion that tgogether with the facet joint hypertrophy are impinging upon the thecal sac and narrowing the neural foramina with probable entrapment of the right foraminal L5 nerve root .
no spinal stenosis.the conus medullaris and cauda equina are normal.
conclusion ;moderate degenerative changes in the lower lumber spine with right foraminal L4 /5 and central L5/S1 disc protrusions and bilateral  narrowing of the neural foramina with probable entrapment of the right foraminal L4/L5 nerve root .

i would be really gratefull if you can tell me how bad my back is as i suffer cronic (chronic) pain especially when i am on my feet working my 9 hour days and i have leg pain and weekness in my leg i am 41 years old and female thankyou
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this result is not directed to the patient, but this is a medical letter from the radiologist to the neurologist or neurosurgeon or even to your primary care physician.
you have a DDD a multiple degenerative disc disease.
the most prominent problem is the L4 nerve root compression, so you suffer from a right lower limb pain. this state necessitates a lot of rest, some traction type physiotherapy, and maybe lumbar brace, and if all these measures fail during the next month you should liberate this compressed nerve with a liberating surgery technique.
to prevent any recurrence the title of your surgery than should be DISCECTOMY.

supplementation are cardinal to solve your general DDD, I give my patients Collagen/chondroitin/glucosamin/Hyaluronic acid for months
thankyou so much for the information i thought i was going mad with the pain and would never get an answer so at least now i know what the problem is  
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