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This isnt a question but something that we are going through....     My husband got into a motorcycle accident almost 2 years now  he was in the hospital for 6 wks then a rehab for 2 months then a nursing home for 8 months we bought a house just so he could come home we were going through a home care agency for a few months until they discharged him from nursing I thought that was great until I found out we would have to pay $965.00 a month just to have a aide to come in for 3 hours aday to help me get him cleaned up in the morning well we couldnt afford that amount so I figured I do it myself which I have been for about 6 months I tried getting medical through the state he was denied 3 times he is not elligble for medicaid for 2 years and Blue Cross and the other insurance companies out there wont take him on for a year because he has prexisting problems PROBLEMS that were caused by a lady that did an illegal left turn in front of him so now we have no choice but to go with a home care agency just so he can have health insurance so I dont know how we are going to pay for this a mortgage home insurance car insurance and all the other regular bills we have. I just dont get it then we find out because he has improved a little the insurance we had before they want what they paid for medical bills back...This is a question why do we pay the premeiums monthly for them to put a lien on us so they casn get money back???? To us that does not make any sense....Sorry its kind of long
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