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Can give sodium contain food to kidney failure cat?
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Can give sodium contain food to kidney failure cat?

My 12 yrs old male cat - Pika just diagnosed with renal disease.  The vet just prescribed a daily tablet - Fortekor 2.5 for him.  I know for human if kidney disease should avoid salt or sodium.  How about for a cat?  Would it the same way that I should avoid salt or sodium in his normal meal?

Can I give him milk?  With dilute with water or just pure milk?

Also I wish to know can I give my cat the dog's liver treats?  It is crunchy, my Pika loves it.  I try to give him the cat's liver treats (didn't come with crunchy, only chewy one).  Pika looks like chewing quite a while with it.  May be his teeth weren't as strong as the young cat.  

Thank you.
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12 years old
Sex of Animal
Breed of Animal
Last date your pet was examined by a vet?
January 06, 2010
Blood Test Results
Showed severe renal disease.  Dark green level on the strip.
X-Ray Results
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How did your veterinarian make the diagnosis of renal disease?  I don't understand your remark under the blood test results of "Dark green level on the strip".  Was a urinalysis and full blood panel done.  If so, what were the results of those?  That would help know how bad the renal disease is.

Cats with renal disease should try to avoid salt, it can contribute to hypertension.  I don't know if you have renal prescription diets there but they can help.  Otherwise, I usually recommend a high quality canned diet.  You can give mild if it doesn't upset his stomach or give him diarrhea.  Diluting it would be better.

I don't know about the dog's treats since I don't know what they are made of.  There are crunchy cat treats you should be able to buy or a dental diet.

I hope this helps.

Judy Karnia, DVM
Scottsdale Cat Clinic
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Thanks for the reply.  

The vet didn't take any urine test nor full blood test.  He drew the blood and a drop on the strip at the vet clinic.  Wait for a few second then raise with tap water.  The strip showed the dark green color.  He diagnosed him (Pika) has a very serious renal disease.

He didn't tell me any renal prescription diet at all that's why I'm asking in this forum.  

1. Can you tell me what are they - high quality canned diet?  
2. Are those expensive one?
3. I also would like to know, a kitten food would that be a good idea for Pika?  
4. Normally the kitten food is contained high protein, is it correct?
4. Can I cook the fresh mince (beef or chicken etc) and/or liver for him?  I just cook and won't put any favour, neither salt nor oil.

Pika still eat a lot.  2 x 85g tin food in the morning with a tablet.  Evening he has 1 x 85g tin food and some dry food.  I discovered he don't drink milk recently.  I also didn't see he drinks water at all!  He stays mostly outside because he don't like the kitten at home.  He only comes home for his food, that's all.

The end of January, I took Pika back for review.  The vet said Pika put on 0.5kg in a month so it is a good sign.  He gave him a steroid injection and same kind of blood test as I described above.  The result show "Green wasn't so dark", that mean it is improved.  The vet will see him in 3 months time and continue taking the Fortekor 2.5mg daily.

Very appreciate your help.  Thanks again.
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