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severe B12 deficiency
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severe B12 deficiency

please help me i really need your help :'( .. I'm 19 years old, female, I did blood test and i found that i have severe B12 deficiency, my B12 level is 128, and i have depression like symptoms, and i can't go to see a doctor, so after research i  decide to start Methylcobalamin injections tomorrow, and i will take Methylfolate tablet because i read that you should take folic acid with B12, but I'm so confused about the dosage, can you tell me please what is the right dose for me?? and how many times should i take the injection and folic acid pills ?? can you help me please :(
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Hello lulii6700,

I just finished reading your post. If I were you, I wouldn't start the methylcobalamin injections tomorrow. The fact that you say how many
times should I take the injection is of concern. Did you decide yourself
to take this injection ? I'm wondering because you said you decided to
start the injections after research. It's not a good idea to self medicate.
You said you're confused about the dosage. Personally , it doesn't
sound like you should be taking this self chosen medicaiton if you don't
know the right dose or how many times you should take it. You say you
can't go see a doctor. Maybe you should find the time. Perhaps you should go to the doctor where you received the blood test?  What you are planning to do doesn't sound like a good idea to me. It should be a doctor
who recommends what you should do for a severe B12 deficiency. What
you could be doing by planning to take this drug is putting your health at
risk because I think it's unwise to purchase medication not approved by
your regular family doctor. I wish you well, but I really hope you reconsider
your plan of taking these injections. You could make yourself very ill by
guessing the dosage and the how many times you should take it. This
is for a doctor to tell you. I'm only saying it this way because you asked
for help and this is my suggestion. I'm not a doctor or a medical practioner.
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thank you for your comment but i really do feel that i need this injections! and before that i make sure that there is no risk of taking them ! i only need the dose :(
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Hello again lulii6700,

I am strongly advising you not to give these injections that I'm assuming you have purchased yourself, lulii6700. I have just spent the last 20 minutes to half an hour reading about methylcobalamin injections.
There is a risk to giving the injections to yourself, a big risk. Apparently
these injections should only be administered by a doctor. There can be
a toxic affect to these injections if not administered properly. I know you
don't know me. I'm actually a retired teacher. If you don't believe me,
go to  and www. ehow. com.  On the second site I have
listed, look up identify side effects of vitamin B injections. You had time
to get the blood test. You really should go back to your doctor that gave
you the blood test and have the doctor suggest a plan to deal with you
B12 deficiency. These injections you plan to give yourself can give you
a rapid heartbeat, you could be allergic to one of the ingredients in the
injection and get a severe reaction. That's why doctors want to give the
injections themselves so they can monitor their patient.  The injections
you purchased may not even be the right dosage. Consult your doctor.
I wish you the best but see your doctor. Don't put your health in jeopardy.

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Thank you a lot that you care about me :'( .. but i swear in each day i feel like i'm dying and i can't told my dad and mom i'm suffring alone and i don't know whta to do .. i'm so sceared :(.. and i feel like this is my last hope to feel good depression killing me :'(, and the problem is i live in a very poor town and i don't trust doctors here :( i don't think that they know anything about this vitamin.. i don't know what to do any more please help me !! :'(
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You should try sublingual (under the tongue) tablets instead.  I also think injections are dangerous.  You can buy B12 tablets that are 2500 mcg and that will greatly help your B12 level and also helps with energy.  You need to see a doctor.  Isn't there a place you can go in your town to get financial assistance for health care?  
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I've had severe vitamin B12 deficiency myself. Horrendous is the only word to describe it.  I have autoimmune pernicious anaemia and i take 2000 mcg daily of sublingual spray. This spray is amazing!  Try the methylcobalamin form.

Delivery System / Rate of Absorption*

Pill or tablet - 10%
Capsule - 20%
Gel Cap - 30%
Transdermal Patch - 45%
Sublingual Liquid - 50%
Intramuscular Injection - 90%
Intraoral or Sublingual Spray - 95%
Intravenous Injection - 100%

*Source: Physicians’ Desk Reference, NPPDR No. 18:676, 1997
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Hi luli6700,

I didn't realize you wrote back to me on April 13th. I never received any
notification of your return email. I'm only reading your return email on
April 24th. Sunflower1007 has some good suggestions. She agrees
with me that the injections that you talk about are dangerous. A doctor
would have to administer this injection. Don't do these injections yourself.
They have to be given in a certain part of your arm. As I wrote you in a
previous post, these injections can have serious side effects. That's why
only doctors should give these types of injections, so after the injection
is administered, the doctor can make sure you're okay. I'm a very caring
person and if I feel I can prevent someone like yourself from harming
themself by giving yourself an injection, I will let you know what some
of the possible side effects can be. Hope you are feeling better. Eve :)
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