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Does anyone know the benefit of DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol?

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I found a very informative site on this product. Here is the link:'

Dimethylaminoethenol (DMAE) is a metabolite, a product produced by the body's metabolic process of procaine. It is a central nervous system stimulant that has a mild impact. It's effect is similar to an amphetamine, but it is not such a drug. The term DMAE is actually an abbreviation for dimethylaminoethanol, a naturally occurring chemical produced by the human brain. It is a choline molecule that has one methyl group missing from the nitrogen, and it may be for this reason that it can cross the blood-brain barrier more easily than choline. While choline is known to be the precursor of acetylcholine, a recognized neurotransmitter, DMAE may prove to offer a more direct approach to this function by moving into the brain, being acted on by an enzyme (methylation), and thereby undergoing conversion into choline directly where it is needed.

Although free-radicals are a natural result of the human body's activity, the human equilibrium may be upset because of modern diet and environmental conditions that add further stressors to the system. These conditions cause a need for additional antioxidants in order for the body to cope with industrialized life. Antioxidants seem to reinforce one another, and for this reason it seems prudent to combine the use of several rather than to rely on only one type.

DMAE Benefits

* Increase life span. Some animal studies show a lengthier than usual life span, however, results are inconclusive at this time since not all animals and birds show the same results.

* Reduce and/or prevent DNA damage.

* Enhance brain activity. Because of more readily moving through the brain-blood barrier before conversion into choline, it is believed that DMAE is more effective in aiding brain function such as making neurotransmitters.

* Enhance ability to fight environmental stressors. As an antioxidant, DMAE can deactivate free-radicals (oxidative stress) created by such environmental polluters as automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, radiation, stress, physical exercise, and other chemicals.

* Improve the body's ability to deal with dietary stressors. Rancid fats, hydrogenated fats, and fats that have been heated to high temperatures as in cooking are known to create dietary stress due to the oxidative stress they place on the human system. DMAE eliminates the free-radicals resulting from these fats.

* Prevent and/or treat cardiovascular problems. Scientific studies have documented DMAE's ability to deal with degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular problems.

* Increase ability of the immune system.

* Alleviate behavioral problems. Hyperactivity associated with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), improved attention span, decreased aggression, improved learning ability, and sometimes increased intelligence.

* Increase attention span. After 6 weeks of DMAE supplementation, students showed improved concentration at lectures and during examinations.

* Improve learning, memory, creativity, and verbal fluency.

* Decrease incidences and severity of hangovers in those individuals who consume excessive amounts of alcohol. After 6 weeks of DMAE ingestion, subjects reported that depression and headaches of hangovers were eliminated.

* Increase energy. Subjective reports improved energy, sometimes assumed to be a result of the reduction in depression and/or the stimulation of the central nervous system.

* Reduce apathy. Some studies have shown increased motivation as well as energy that lessened apathetic attitudes and anxiety of subjects.

* Improve the behavior and mental function of children with Down's Syndrome.

* Offer favorable effects on chronic dyskinesias occurring as a result of lengthy use of major tranquilizers.

* Reduce sleep needed. A reduction of one hour was noted after 6 weeks of DMAE use and sleep was reported to be more sound and refreshing.

* Increase lucid dreaming.

* Reduce and/or remove lipofuscin - age spots.
wow thank you, excellent response.
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