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False Positive for THC (marijuana)
I'm not sure where to post this...
I do not smoke marijuana - I was taking these supplements at the time of a positive drug test for THC:
B-vitamin complex (Vitamin World's time released B-50 complex - with 2,941% dv for RiboflavinB-2)
Aleve, liquid caps (naproxen soduium)
Traditional Medicinal's "Nighty-Night" organic herbal tea
Can anyone help me or provide more information???  My life depends on this!
Thank you for any and all help.
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From what you have mentioned, it seems that the :Nighty-Night" tea maybe the problem. The others would not show up as positive for THC. You need to be careful with herbal products because you may not know what is in them. The labels do not always state all the ingredients.The FDA is trying to get herbal products regulated (similar to food labels), however, presently they are not. Hope that helps you.
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