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Heatr disease and Fish facts
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Heatr disease and Fish facts

  I have posted a copy of this question today in the heart disease forum which I have been a member since May(?) '09.  I had a double bypass in April '09.

  looking for the benefits of Salmon/fish oil and because I love fish I have been purchasing a "family pack" of "Farm Raise Atlantic Salmon Fillets".  Prier to my heart attack I'd have "a" fillet a year and even then it was deep fried in oil.  I never really cared for fish prepared like this and is why I had so little through the years. I do love fish cooked in other ways so once I heard that salmon was good for heart patients I went shopping... :-)    Some days I'll have two fillets (lunch and then dinner) and other days only just one for lunch. So far it's all been Baking recipe's which I'm slowly exploring the simplest of recipe's.

  I just noticed the Nutrition facts posted on the container...
Serving size: one fillet.
Calories from Fat:...190
Total Fat:...............21g
Saturated Fat:.........5g

  These are quite high numbers so I have to ask, With so much fat and cholesterol am I really getting the benefits of fish oil and omega-3?
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Well, from what I understand about fish, this is a healthy type of fat, in fact, there is a supplement called Liquid fish oil, and this is great for the heart. If not sure, however, talk to a dietitian, doctor, or a health store employee, also, do a google search, there is a lot of info about things like this out there.
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