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I feel dizzy and shaky everyday
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I feel dizzy and shaky everyday

I have had a few tests to find out whats wrong with me, such as blood tests for Diabetes and an Endoscopy for Ciliac, which have come back negative and healthy.
I am 6ft and weight 10 stone.
Every day I feel dizzy, light headed, sick, off balance, hungry, anxious and panicky. I have a big breakfast, such as muesli even sometimes healthy cooked sausages and scrambled eggs! and still feel this way. In between breakfast and lunch I snack on a banana then 20 minutes later some cashew nuts, but still need to eat by 11ish. As soon as eat at 11am I feel a bit better, but only for about an hour!
I keep to low GI foods and stay away from sugary foods as I know they make you feel worse.
I do suffer with anxiety, worry and panic attacks, but I have that under control and don't feel that it is the cause as I feel it every single day and it gets better once I eat.
I start to feel worse again by 2.30pm then again at around 6pm, doesn't get better until I eat loads. And I mean BIG portions! I eat more than my Fiance!
I have been doing some research on Metabolic Types, would it be advisable to have a test done?

Please can someone help, I don't want to feel this way anymore and its getting me down. Let me know if there is anyone else like me and I am not alone.

Thanks for reading

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hi there,
for one, muesli is high GI.  sausages are one of the worst foods you can eat.
while bananas are fine, they are also high in sugars.
your symptoms are suggestive more of hypoglycemia, but, you should see an MD
for a full work-up of blood, iron, b-12, etc. and perhaps that will reveal something.
if you are on meds for anxiety, this could be an issue.
don't know what 10 stone is, but you should weigh around 185 lbs. or so at most,
ideally.  unless you are weightlifting or something.
you didn't mention veggies, salads, and the like.  eat more of that and fiber.  that
can solve a myriad of problems in itself, such as making you feel fuller.
frootbar C.N.
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