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Protein based suplements
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Protein based suplements

Hi everyone!
My name is Marko and this is my first time to post a thread here.
I'm apologizing in advance for my bad english.

I have a few questions about protein based suplements for muscle growht (whey powders, BCAA, glutamine...)
So, let's start:

1. Is there any advantage in favour of this suplements over regular food?
(for example when taking a PostWorkoutMeal)
Is it necessary to use it? (to maximize the effect of workout of course)

2. What is recommended daily dose for protein for a healthy male who workouts with weights 4 times per week?
(the usual story is 2g per kg so is it true?)

3. Is there any unwanted consequences in case of overdose?
for instance kidney problems, or maybe low holesterol? (i read it somewhere that high intake of proteins my result lowering holesterol levels LDL and HDL)

4. Since protein is made of amino acids including BCAA and glutamine, why shoud anybody use suplements like BCAA and glutamine when using also whey powders?
The company that makes those suplements wants for sure us to believe that is absolutely necessary for us to use all kinds of suplements. Therefore I'm interested in expert opinion. What of all this kinds of suplements is realy useful?
Are you (or the subject of the question) male or female?
What is your (or the subject of the question) height?
What is your (or the subject of the question) weight (kg or lb)?
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To answer your questions, you can eat regular food to get the protein you need without using the supplements. Eggs and milkshakes (with skim milk) give you additional protein as the same as the protein shakes. The recommended dosage of protein is 1g per kg of weight. Body builders state that you need to build muscle that is why you need the protein. You will need a little extra but not double your weight. Too much consummation of protein and if the body does not use it, it will store it as fat. The side effects of too much protein are taxing to the kidneys. The only way you lower your cholesterol is if you are eating protein source foods that lower it, such as eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, and seeds. If you are consuming red meat, high fat meats, and high fat dairy products, then the cholesterol increases. Hoped this helped you.
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