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deficiency of vit B12
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deficiency of vit B12

What are the reasons for vit B12 deficiency.
What are long term  repercussions of such.
What is the remedy
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This should help you out
I heard a program on it yesterday ... it is to the body, as oil is to running a car.  It is supposed to be easily stored in the body, but after age 40 we don't get enough in food, and Dr. Andrew Saul, PhD  He subscribes to the nutritional findings of Dr. Roger J. Williams, PhD:

"If you do not like getting shots of B-12, you should be aware that intranasal absorption is the next best thing. Oral administration of B-12 is largely ineffective. This goes for so-called sublingual B-12 supplements as well.

VITAMIN B-12, unlike other B vitamins, is stored in muscle and other organs of the body.  
A little B-12 goes a long way, what is stored lasts a long time, and it may take YEARS to deplete your body
I'm glad to hear that you were helped

However, there may be something else that causes these other things.  Did you have any flu-like symptoms, horrible headaches, as well?  Are these symptoms part of what might be called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Do you remember when you started feeling bad?
Hi there,

I was given Vit B12 shots. I felt sooo tired and depressed and couldn't even get out of the bed, had joint pains and had problem eating. After a blood test, we found out that my B12 levels were dangerously low. So I started getting B12 shots once a week the first month and then every 2 weeks after that. Now I'm on once a month. I also have Hashimotos' Thyroiditis and I thought that was the reason for me feeling so bad. But after the shots, I felt so good that now I know it was totally related to B12.

Shortly, Vit B12 deficiency will turn your life into hell.

The number one destroyer of Vitamin B is coffee.  If you drink coffee daily you're a walking candidate for Vitamin B deficiency.
All vitamin B's.
I'm a Type 1 Diabetic that went through some of these symptoms in the past. I was taking a 500% RDA supplement of B12 and registered well over 1800 on my serum test. However, one day I came across a company that specialized in lymphocyte assessment of B12 and was surprised to discover that this test showed that I had a 20% functional deficiency. Because this test was an intercellular measure, obviously, I take that to be proof of the age old belief that some of these conditions, such as diabetes, might be linked with a virus. Viral infections, afterall, inhabit cells, whereas bacterial and fungal infections do not, normally.

Another interesting theory is that the entire B12 deficiency fiascal is related to Lyme Disease. To believe that, however, one must believe that Lyme goes above and beyond its current definition (Is Lyme bigger than just a tick bite/tick disease).

A lady I know of was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue and Fibromyalgia, only to later be diagnosed with Lyme. After months of antibiotics, I believe her B12 level was restored, and the Celiac Sprue condition cleared up. Celiac Sprue is supposed to be a genetic condition, remember, but like everything else, medicine's own definitions change annually. We have medications today that are causing viral infections. Pretty good indication that medicine's theory is a bit looney in some areas. A virus is a virus-a medication is a medication.
That doesn't make sense.

And little of this does. That's why it's in your best interests to go with what works best for yourself, but to do so with the guidance of your own physician.
Eat more vegetables and fruits.

I am 22 yr old male who lives in Louisiana.
It says i have  

Pantothenic acid And vit B defeciency
And citric and ascorbic acid defeciency
and PyroGlutamic  ALLL below normal
My glutathione is almost depelted.
very low 2-oxo-glutaric acid.
an impaired krebs cycle.

I am so depressed,and i have panic attacks, and dizzy and i am having severe headaches like my brain is fixing to explode
and i lost plenty of weight,my concentration is diminished..
i feel stressed,even though i am not causing it
i have no disease,all other tests checked normal
plz help me what do i ???

thank you for reading
This web site has alot of info on your conditions. WholeHealthMD
Sorry about the above name spelling, See my memory still isn't good. LOL!
What was your B-12 level? Also have you had your thyroid checked? Many of the S/S you mention I had with hyperthyroidism. I also have B-12 deficieny & it surely can cause memory loss, neuropsyatric problems, depression & even psychosis. You could possibly have an absorption problem with all your deficiencies listed. A true B-12 deficiency could be caused by Pernious anemia or Celiac Sprue. Both of these affect your digestive systom making it diffucult for you to absorb nutrients. Google those two diseases along with Vitamin B-12 deficiency & you will see what I mean. has alot of info on vitamin & mineral deficiency's.

Get your test results from your physican for your own records & compare them with normals that way you can tell if your making progress throughout your treatment. If you request them they will give you a copy each time. You need to get this treated because untreated B-12 deficiency can cause permanant damage but the condition is treatable. I'm not real familiar with your other deficiency's you mentioned. All your test results are probably just symptoms of an underlying condition though & your Dr. needs to do further testing to find out what's causing this.

Good Luck & I hope this has helped & not confused you even more. Let me know what you find out. I know this can be confusing & devastating to your health. At times I felt like I was losing my mind & those panic attacks...
(horrible). That's the only word that will discribe them.
Hello , i thank you for your reply on my status,
i tested my thyroid, T3 T4 Tsh
urinalysis,blood,allergy,all came back negative and normal
Hiv,Hep A B C.

the lab i had done was for 65 amino acids.
it measures Vit b and C.
plus amino acid metabolites, and neurotransmitters,and other important things, about your intestinal health

it shows i have defeciences of Vit B13, B5,B6,and i bet you B12)as you stated)
and also citric and ascorbic acid.
and i have a messed up krebs cycle, glutathione is not working properly.

it alll goes back to 7 months ago,i ate 2 cans of raw clams out of the fridge,and the next day i woke up and my face was red,and felt like i was fever,no vomiting though
then on set next day i started suffering this severe brain fog, with depression,and lack of concentration,getting tired so fast,loosing weight
I knew i had a defeciency of something then,i went on the net looked for a lot of answer,and i finally came along Glutathione, so i tested for it.
and the test shows:

                        mmol/mol      normal          
PyroGlutamic            15.60  L      20-115
2-Oxo-glutaric          12.59  L      15-200
Ascorbic               100.38  L     180-580
pyroxidin                2.2         2.0-6.0
pentathonic              0.41  L     1.0-4.0

5-hydroxyindoleacetic    1.08        0.0-20.0
no wonder i feel so brain wont fire happiness.
am a mess.there is no serotonin in my CSF(Cerebrospinalfluid)

you see my that when glutathione went low because
of the toxic reaction i had,my body started falling apart easily, +working 30 hours a week.
i got to the point right now ,were i have severe headaches,with anxiety ,and stress.
I just had the perfect like, and i lost it all.

but it is ok, i wont give up yet

thank you Nurselpn for understanding
BODY SHIVERS-previous page suggests B-12 deficiency, altho' I have been taking sublimal type for past 3 months. with just off them for 2 wks. can this be the reality of a deficiency?My body feels 'chilled' nearly constantly. with chills I tire easily. Exercise calms it , of course but sitting in one spot, or in coolness brings it on alot.Last night I was so cold feeling I too two Niacinamide tablets. that eventually warmed me, but doesn't last.what to do now?
Eating more vegetables, etc. is always good but doesn't always work for those who have other medical issues. I have a well-balanced diet and I am continually deficient in B12. I am Type 2 and take Metformin which is a culprit for deleting this vitamin. I'm sure there are other ailments that could do the same thing.
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