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diet to gain weight
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diet to gain weight


im 31 cirrhotic patient for 10 years. although they could not traced the caused of the liver problem since it was found when i was a teenager. had my spleen removed when 15 yrs old but after that few years back i was in and out of the hospital due to portal hypertension. also have esophageal varices as they found it when i had the operation.

i remember few years back my weight was ok although im really slim (none in the family is overweight) i could say no everyone's weight is ok but now im becoming skinny. losing more weight  i guess. no firm, muscle.

im also a pure vegetarian (for 9 years now) but doctor said thats fine as long as there's other protein supplement like soy and he also suggested to take ensure which i did. im also into low sodium diet because of minimal ascites.

doctor said that weight lose is expected for patients with liver problem.

people are really noticing that i really lost weight and i myself could see it ( i could see my ribs already, hehe)

another is that maybe because of my weight bones become brittle.

but maybe there could be additional help you could give me like what food to eat and how many meals should i take? my appetite is ok. i also prepare my own food.

thank you.
God bless
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86 lbs
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From the weight you wrote you are approximately 24lbs underweight for your height. Protein is the main ingredient that needs attention as a vegetarian. You have to make sure you are properly taking in protein combos at all meals. Plant protein is good for the body and will not harm the Liver; in fact people with liver disease are encouraged to eat more vegan vegetarian meals. You get protein from plant sources, such as soy milk, rice milk, soy yogurt, soy cheese, soy ice cream, and rice ice cream. As a vegan you need to combine grains and nuts / seeds for essential protein have to be used daily such as rice and beans, pasta and beans, nuts to oatmeal, peanut butter and bread, and salad and nuts. You can also eat the soy and rice products mention above. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals. Eat them as snacks or add them to your salads with additional nuts. Vitamin B12 needs to be supplemented because that does come from any of the foods you eat in the vegetarian diet. Look at for more information on vegetarian eating. Hope this helped you.
thanks doc:) the info you gave is a big help.

i also would like to know if eating vegetarian meat, gluten could also help or should i avoid  it? i believe these are also made from soy.

also, if i take "ensure" (ready to drink) as something that could help me get he necessary nutrients i lack on my diet, would it really help. im advised to take ta least 5 cans of ensure everyday.

God Bless
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