low b12, normal iron
by confusedgal411, Aug 05, 2010
Hello.  I was just recently diagnosed with IBS.  My b12 levels were low (141) so i started injections every three months.  after the first round, blood was drawn and the level went up to 248, which my doctor said was still low so i am continuing with the injections.  the doctor was very clear that i was not anemic-my iron levels were normal.  she did not give me a clear answer about why my b12 levels were low then.  i would rather fix the problem of what is causing the low b12. any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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by Renee RadenbergBlank, Aug 13, 2010
The normal range of Vitamin B12 is from160-950pg/ml. Reason for such wide range is due to Vitamin B12 is in our tissues plus in the blood so it is difficult to have a true reading. There is a factor in our stomach that we need for Vitamin B12 to work. If that is not present, pernicious anemia occurs and we become vitamin B12 deficient. Supplementation is used for mild vitamin B12 deficiency, such as, with chronic alcoholism, therapy for gastric acid inhibitors, vegan vegetarians, autoimmune disorders, or dementia. Vitamin B12 shots are the best method of treatment, which you are receiving, and normal treatment is once a month. Your blood levels are monitored while you are receiving injections. Some people have low vitamin B12 levels due to folate deficiency. You did not mention your folate levels. Suggest you get a complete Iron profile blood work, which includes MCV, Serum B12, MMA, serum folate, and RBC folate so you can see if you are really deficient in any vitamin Bs or not. If the tests show you are deficient in vitamin B12 continue with injections. If you are really concerned then Vitamin B12 can be easily consumed from our diet. One egg a day (yes, it does have cholesterol, however, it is the good cholesterol our body needs), ½ chicken breast, and 1 cup low fat milk, to name a few vitamin B12 sources would help increase the vitamin. Hoped this helped you.

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