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How does OCD affect a relationship?
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How does OCD affect a relationship?

What ways does OCD manifest itself within a relationship? I know I see lots of signs with my bf regarding his online, xboxing..and his tidying up, counting steps sometimes, order of things and so on..
But how would he be exhibiting it towards me as person he loves?
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I'm no expert but I'd imagine if you mess up his perfect order of stuff. Like moving something he has put away. Getting in to an argument that he can't drop.... ever. Taking away his games so he can't play for a few days.

Are you sure it is OCD. Maybe he chooses to do these things because he wants to not because he has to? Desire vs disorder possibly. Moving things around like just a few inches can really make someone with OCD very upset. Like just moving a picture frame over 2 or 3 inches. They have to move it back. I don't know to much about OCD, just what I learned from an OCD friend. I tried to break them out of it but that seemed impossible. They did try to stop and did not want to be OCD, not by choice, just could not control the urge over their OCD. Sometimes people think other people have OCD but they pretty much choose to be that way. Counting steps or not stepping on cracks stuff like that isn't generally by choice. If you have an honest open relationship he should be able to discuss whether he is OCD or not. Generally the OCD person is very well aware of the frustrating compulsive thoughts and actions. You might get him to talk to you about it.
Yays! Thank you, crystalfresh for replying to me.

He told me when we first started dating because I noticed some things, and he said he has OCD and ADD and now possibly ADHD?
But as far as I am aware he doesn't take any meds for any  of those things> unless he is hding takings medications from me? And his mom is a dr. so she should be able to get him the meds and proper treatment, right?

I watched him one after a party he had at his house , ppl stayed over and we all went to sleep (including me) but he didn't. He felt compelled even though exhausted to clean up the l/r and kitchen and clean up stains on the sofa and do dishes and he didn't go to bed until it was all in order.
And then got upset at me the next day because I went to sleep and didn't help him. But I was planing on getting up and doing the dishes for him *sighs*

I think you hit on something with what you told me above.. it could also be just his "desire" too. Esp. when it comes to his gaming.. but its like he has to have the MOST game points than his friends  and he HAS to have the best game stats, same as on forums he needs to be the TOP posters and the one MOST online and the one with the MOST IRC chat lines..and so on..

For arguments, he still brings up about me backing out of a LA trip last July, for no reason he also bring it up..
I never noticed about the moving items issues with him, but he HATES people touching his things.. esp in his bedroom..and I am already told we won't ever share a computer or a car, he'll have his and I'll have mine.

I just don't want these things to get between us , and if he needs to take meds for it, why wouldn't his mom encourage it for him?

Thank you again so much for your reply back to me. It made me happy.
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