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Nicotine effects on testosterone and penis size
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Nicotine effects on testosterone and penis size

Hello. Here's my story,I actually chew nicortte gum to help out my anxiety(OCD comorbid with ADD) I've been chewing two 4mg pieces along with my adderal and wellbutrin. Nicottine actually follows the same neural pathways interms of activating the sypathetic autonomic nervous system for he norepinephrine and dopamine activation, which is what wellbutrin and adderal do. However I do have concernes.

1.Does nictotine decrease your testosterone(even though this is from the gum not the ciggarette hich has mor than 4,000 toxins)
2. If it does, does it do it to the point where i wouldn't be able to be able to get more lean muscle mass(weight lifting for 4 years)
3. Again if it does, would it decrease my penis size despite my finite diet and eating habit that i'm aware of 24/7?
4. Again,(sorry, i really am a hypochondriac) If i quit how long would it take for the cotinine to leave my system with a 6 month 8-24mg day history and will everything be okay interms of my testosterone?

Never smoked a day in my life but i have my concerns.  I'm about 25 years old, great diet(no sugar, 50% carbs 30% Protein 20% fat, no dairy , use almond milk and supplements for calcuim, no fruit, tons of vegetables(low glycemic and all raw)  nothing processed or in a package, wieght train(4X a week) and Zumba(3 times a week and teach it 2X, total 9hours excersise) , 10-12% body fat,) I just want to know if i'm at rick becuase the nicorette does wonders for my anxiety,  panic attacks, etc and i want to keep it that way. Please send me a message if you have information or articles, thank you
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This is what I found on the web about nicorette gum

A study conducted by Bjorn Eliasson et al and published in the 1996 issue of "Circulation" examined the long terms effects of nicotine gum in 20 healthy, middle-aged men who were long users of nicotine gum. The study showed that long term use of nicotine gum was strongly associated with hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. Long term use of nicotine gum suppresses insulin output creating decreased sensitivity to insulin and eventually insulin resistance. Furthermore, this study found a positive correlation between these major metabolic aberrations and increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/239939-what-are-the-nicotine-gum-long-term-use-side-effects/#ixzz1aJPMBwH3

I also read that you shouldn't use it for more than 3 months.  At the 3 month mark you should start tapering yourself off of it.  

I really cannot say much for penis size , the ability to build muscle mass or testosterone levels.  

Personally I believe the Wellbutrin should be enough to help with your OCD and anxiety.  If it is not working, then perhaps a dosage increase is needed.  The Adderall (adderrall) should be able to take care of the ADD.  I think the cons outweigh the pros of the nicotine gum and I would start tapering off of it.  
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